How To Get Targeted Twitter Followers

How To Get Targeted Twitter Followers

You’ve probably already jumped onto the Twitter wagon by now but may be struggling with how to get a decent amount of followers.

There are a lot of services out there that promise to deliver hundreds or even thousands of followers to your account, but are those followers targeted?

Are they real people who are interested in your business? Are they going to stop and read your tweets and click on links you share with them?

You probably already know the answer.

Get more twitter followers

Twitter followers are just like any other leads or prospects.

If they are interested in what you have to say or sell, then your conversion or subscriber rates will be high.

If they are just a group of random people who have never heard of you before then your conversion and subscriber rates will be dismal.

Twitter should be used not as a megaphone to shout to random passers-by, but as a soap box you use to address your loyal fans.

So how do you get targeted followers?

The easiest way is by reaching out to people in the ways that you normally do, but then adding a call to action for them to follow you on Twitter.

If you have an email list, a blog, or a Facebook fan page then you can use it to announce your Twitter profile and start gathering followers.

These people are already following you in one medium so it should be easy to nudge them into another.

You’ll find that they will often jump at the chance to follow you in as many channels as they can.

If you are a regular member of a forum for your particular niche, then it’s a good idea to add your Twitter information to your forum profile and, if the forum allows it, your forum signature.

Every time you make a valuable contribution to the forum, people will see you Twitter link and may choose to follow you.

This method puts your Twitter profile page right in front of people you want to target the most: people who already know who you are and who are highly interested in your niche.

Forums are where the most hardcore members of any niche hang out, so getting one of them as a follower gives you a highly targeted lead.

Another great strategy of course is to just use your Twitter feed responsibly. Don’t tweet every last thing you do, only use your tweets to share something useful.

This gives you a good chance of getting a “re-tweet”.

A re-tweet is simply when one of your followers shares your tweet with his followers. This instantly increases your exposure and gives you a good chance of picking up more followers.

As with everything else, the more you give the more you will get.

Attract followers by making your twitter feed something people will WANT to follow.

Everyone has a twitter account now, so adding you to their list is nothing new or special anymore. You have to earn their following and keep earning it tweet after tweet.

Try using your feed mostly to distribute “exclusive” free tips or links to free, funny and/or helpful stuff you find.

This is a great way to build follower loyalty AND to get re-tweets.

Naturally, the same thing goes for all type of social media like Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn etc.

The more value you can put out there, the more people will “like” your stuff and share it.

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p.s. Have any other great ideas for catching and keeping loyal, targeted Twitter followers? Share them in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “How To Get Targeted Twitter Followers

  1. Hi again,
    I started on Twitter earlier in the year via my smartphone. Sent out funny post, stupid stuff. Then in Oct, Nov when I started back into my Business I started sending, Business stuff. I’d only send what I considered word worthy reading…and only Products I’d by myself, my followers started to go up some (had like 42 when I changed what I was sending over there) think it got to like 68 maybe. By this time I realized I needed a new education in Marketing. Had about 1200 bucks, got 4 domains w/hosting, bought products I needed, the money did not go to waste, it all went to et me as started as 1200 will get you.

    Then I sought out sites that offered free trials and ecourses, on social media, video marketing, all the stuff that had changed since my day back 2010. So i go to HubSpot, LinkedIn, (they are awesome) Digital Marketer (also Great and awesome) I’ll keep these 2 and a couple others, spread em out also, so when one would run out in an area I had another to go with. I took all the classes, watched all the Videos (I’m sure if I had been paying I’d be Certified at this point). I did what they said to do. I gathered as much free stuff that was QUALITY! Well I went from 68 or so followers to well over 100 in a weekend!

    I’m over 300 High Quality Followers at this point, week 7! I’ve had a few read my profile and let me in for Free to $500 Courses! Mike Filsaime back in the day, I had talked to him by phone, we met up on his Blog at the same time. He called me we talked and then he went and saw my sites, called me back and gave me “Butterfly Marketing”. Made excellent money with that too and the existing sites it boosted them right along nicely.

    Ive been getting like 1500 hits a day to my ads, one night I got close to 4500, but I had been awake for days promoting a JV that was about ListBuilding, ends tomorrow and I did NOT win no contest. I’ve accomplished a little in the 7 weeks Ive been back, the best Opp I have right now is JP Schoeffels “Instaffiliate” Im doing ok, with Social Media. Under 10 on my list, this Product will help build my list, well email list, I get $5 everytime someone signs up, its free…you’d think with all its offering they’d be knocking the PC over to get in. I did best last night. I rewrote one of my Ads, and it did a hell of a lot better. Anyway, I’m gonna sift thru your stuff, looking at “eProfitSecrets”, Gonna see what I can do with it. Wish I had the $77 to pay you so I could change the Marketing around a little. Suggestion: Offer a 14 day to 30 day Free Trial, or for a buck, Let them see how it is doing, I bet it will pull better. That’s what I would do.

    Then you can send them over to me as I am good at critiquing ad/sales copy, then we all win :0 You have a Great Evening!

    Laurie Bullard

    Twitter: @lauriebullard15

  2. I joined twitter randomly not properly or after any planning therefore i
    follow various people without any purpose or without read their
    profiles that in which nature of business they were interested. Now am
    doing un-follow them because when i
    go to follow anyone twitter show me an error that you are hitting
    limit, my following figure is 2001 and my followers figure is 1054.
    After read your post i realize that i loose my worth on twitter because i am there without planning.
    Now i Will re-plane my strategy and will follow only those people who can be helpful for my business.

  3. I follow 17 news corporation tweets, each of which have 100000 or more followers. The followers like me get hundreds of tweet updates daily from these news sources. 

    What are the chances of my tweet being read by some targeted followers, when it will get lost in the twitter stream very quickly? 
    How far can Twitter be useful for marketing, when tweets do not get read by intended audience?

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