How to Handle Trolls On Your Blog Youtube and Facebook comments

How to Handle Trolls On Your Blog Youtube and Facebook comments

Getting trolled is a legitimate fear that stops many moving forward!
By putting yourself or product out there online, you’re opening yourself up for possible trolling!

This was a big fear for me while I was getting started. I was scared to death that people would tear me and my products apart.

But you know what? I said ‘f%$ it’ and launched some products anyway… and guess what?.. the trolls didn’t come, (at first)!

Granted, I was not putting myself in front of millions of people at first.
But sure enough, as my list and audience grew, the occasional troll came along.

At first, it was a little hurtful, I admit. I’d get nasty replies to emails, and bad comments on my blog, often laced with several 4-letter words. But I learned it’s just not worth my time and energy to reply, so I just delete them and carry on with my day.

So yes it does happen. You have to be prepared for it if you put stuff online.

You have a few options when it comes to dealing with trolls.

1. Ignore them – and this is what I do most of the time. Just delete their email or comment and carry on. Water off a duck’s back. It might get you down for a little bit but try not to take it personally.

2. Reply back with a comment of your own. Now the comment you make can be nice or neutral or you can throw a dagger back at them. If you love to argue and prove you’re not going down that easy, go ahead and get into an argument! lol the on-lookers will enjoy the fight (especially if it’s in a public space like FB or YT etc)

3. Consider what they say and take it as constructive criticism. Most of the time trolls will be wrong, but occasionally they may have a point that you can consider. If you get flamed for something you’ve done, then there may be a better way to do it.

To cut to the chase, trolls will come at you sooner or later so be ready, but don’t let it stop you or slow you down. It’s part of the price to pay for having an online presence.

Most of the time, they’re trolling you because they’re jealous of you or have low self-esteem or simply having a bad day or a combination of everything… which is their problem, not yours!

On the other hand, for every troll, you’re going to have 100 or more raving fans. 

Hang in there and keep going making course-corrections the way.

Stuart Stirling

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