How To Make Your First Dollar Online

How To Make Your First Dollar Online

As you probably already know, the internet offers an awesome opportunity to make big bucks with nothing more than an internet connection and a good business model.

While it is true, and I strongly believe, that ANYONE can make a fortune online, without needing to be a marketing genius or spending thousands of dollars on the latest wizz-bang courses and software systems, or even joining up to one of those guaranteed ‘make money programs’, the sad truth is that many people fail to make even ONE single dollar.

I believe the reason for this is because most newcomers to online marketing want to make the big money instantly. And when it turns out it’s not as easy as it first appears, they give up.

But I can’t blame them. They’re promised (falsely) that they can start making $1000’s of dollars in 24 hours, with a few clicks, and earn ‘more than a doctor’ from all the ads, sales letters and video sales letters marketers are using to push their products.

Reality check!

If you’re looking for instant ‘push-button’ riches – the internet is not the place to look for it! And if anyone is ever trying to sell you those types of things, run the other way, very fast!

I often get support tickets from people saying, “will your product really show me how to make $100 a day?” – and they go on to tell me they are desperate to make money because they have no job and are in debt and a bunch of other reasons and they want need money now. It’s obvious they are coming to the internet hoping to find a magic bullet that will instantly let them replace their job’s income.

Sorry, but there is no magic bullet that will land you in the drivers seat of a $100 a day internet business… (unless you buy a turn-key business that is already making that much .. but I’m betting you wouldn’t be getting that business for zero outlay..)

BEFORE you dream about making $100 a day… start with the goal of making $1. Just make $1 first!

Do all you can to create a business that earns you just $1. One sale.

Because if you can make $1, you can make $10… and if you can make $10, you can make $100. And it goes up from there. It means you’ve got a business model that works.

What’s a good business to start that will let you make $1?

Be careful here though. Not all business models are created equal!

You might have heard about “paid surveys” or paid to click, paid to [fill in the blank] ‘jobs’… but unfortunately, you may as well go back to stocking shelves at the local super market as it would actually pay more!

That and it’s the least stimulating work you could ever do. Mindlessly clicking a button hundreds of times a day is the fastest way to go insane!

The other thing is that you’re trading your time for money. You might be able to make $1 or $10 a day doing it, but there will be a limit to how much you can earn. There are only 24 hours in a day.

So if your goal is to earn $100 or $1000 a day, you have to work on building a business that is automated and/or can be scaled.

So in short… Don’t do surveys. Don’t do paid to click.

There is a way to turn your knowledge, even a passion of yours into an online business that is scalable, can be automated AND pays you handsomely.

And if you’re of an entrepreneurial mind, you’ll want to create! You’ll want to do something stimulating AND something that grows into an asset. And this ticks those boxes too.

The #1 Best Way To Earn Money Online For Beginners…

Here it is. Ready?

Start a free email newsletter. (a.k.a. build an email list)

So basic and anyone can do it.

Here’s what you need to do it…

  1. Choose a niche topic you have a strong interest in (some knowledge about the topic is preferred too!).
  2. Set up a simple landing page with an opt-in form to capture email addresses. For this you’ll need a landing page builder like Convertri (or this one for WordPress) and an autoresponder system.
  3. Write 20 to 30 emails for your newsletter. Add them into your autoresponder system and set them to go out automatically at timed intervals.
  4. Find 4 to 5 products related to your niche topic that you can promote as an affiliate ranging from low-ticket to high-ticket. Do reviews of those products and include your affiliate links. Add them to your autresponder also, or send out live email broadcasts for them.
  5. Get 50 targeted visitors a day to your newsletter sign up page, which should give you 10 to 20 new subscribers each day. Use traffic sources like Youtube, Social media, PPC (Adsense, bing, etc.), forums, SEO, guest blogging, (just to name a few) to get your 50 visitors a day.
  6. Sit back and watch your subscribers and paypal account grow! (remember, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen)

Some “experts” say that “email is dead”! But in fact, email marketing is still leading as the best marketing channel on the net today. I’m predicting it will remain there for several years to come.

This simple business model I’ve shared here has massive potential – and earning $100 a day is just the beginning!

So where do you start?

It starts with choosing a niche topic, as I put as the 1st step in the list above, to base your newsletter on. (The best types of niches are ones with a lot of people who have painful problems – because they’ll gladly pay you for a solution. )

Then from there, simply follow the other steps I’ve listed.

Creating a landing page and tying in your autoresponder system can be a little tricky because of the tech behind it. But these days, it’s easier than ever with apps like Convertri, etc.

Send traffic to your sign up page. Send emails to your subscribers. It’s as simple as that.

Making $100.. $1000… $2000 a day is possible. But it starts with making $1 first.

Stu Stirling

p.s. Want to learn more about exactly how to build this type of online business? Get my free “Online Success Formula” guide and newsletter here to learn exactly how to get your first money-making website and newsletter going asap!

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  1. good information but in now a days when too many free lancers are there they didn’t know even the work very well spoiling this craze and its hard to earn even single penny you must be in competition need to work very hard.

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