How to Turn Support Emails Into Sales

How to Turn Support Emails Into Sales

There are some times when customer support emails can be a burden. I think most businesses would like to have less customer support issues to deal with.

But most of the time, it’s unavoidable, especially when you’re generating thousands of visitors and processing dozens of sales automatically around the clock on several websites.

Some days are heavier than others….some days you just don’t want to face your inbox!

Even though you might be tempted to go the “select all > delete” route…take a second to realize that answering support emails helps you and your customer build a better relationship and can turn into sales!

You will be surprised that taking the time to answer support emails can really pay off.

Here are some reasons and benefits of being the good support emails answerer…

  • For one, your customer expects and deserves good customer service
  • Your customer will be thrilled you answered – especially if it’s you personally replying
  • Build trust with your readers on a personal basis
  • Opens up opportunities for sales!….because sometimes a support email is not what you expect

Most emails you’ll get will be when a customer has a problem with a purchase.

Either they couldn’t get to the download page or they lost the download page before they could download it all…or some other website issue.

If they have already paid and didn’t get the download, it is your responsibility to follow through on your part of the question about it.

You need to send them a new download link. That is the case when you sell your own products from your website. It’s a different story if you’re just selling products as an affiliate. (that’s one of the benefits of affiliate marketing.)

I sell a lot of my own products from my own websites and I use $7 secrets script and RAP script almost exclusively for my all my info-product sites.

I don’t know about other scripts but if you are using these 2 scripts, you’ll know all too well about your customers missing the download page. Apart from that, they are great scripts though 😉

You might be surprised but this, but one common type of email I get is from potential customers who are ready to buy but can’t for some reason!

This is usually because they are using their own affiliate link (accidentally) or the website is running slow and won’t load the order page.

Can you say -“ka-Ching”?

You can easily turn this type of support email into a sale!

This often happens with products I’m selling on (a RAP script powered 100% commissions market place) where I sell a lot of different ebooks and video courses about making money online.

A customer will buy one product, then sign up as an affiliate and test their link which sets their cookie on their browser and when they go to buy another product, they can’t because paypal won’t let them buy from themselves.

This is when I love to give them a new link (my affiliate link) and say “this one should work”…and it does because it overwrites the cookie.

They are happy because they can finally buy it..and I’m happy because I just got a new customer 😉

Other emails will be from readers or customers who want your advice. And this can be another chance for some easy pickings.

Usually, for any question that your readers can ask…there is a handful of products you can recommend them to buy to solve their problem. But I don’t just say “here…” and give them a link.

I like to try to answer their question as best I can and explain how if you do A and then B…you can see the result of C.

After I give that advice, I can give them links to recommended products and say…this will help you do A and this will help you do B. So it’s not an obvious sales pitch. The can see why they need to get A and B.

One more important reason to watch for customer support emails is that they can tell you when something on your site is broken (exceeded bandwidth, broken link, sometimes a typo :o) which can harm sales.

These are just some ways how answering support emails can make you a more respected and wealthier marketer.

Stu Sensei Stirling

ps. Don’t forget…simple manners like saying “thankyou for your message” or “sorry for the inconvenience” can go a long way too.

p.p.s. I use OSticket which is a free open source support desk. It made things so much more organized and easier than doing customer support from my inbox.

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