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My Honest Aweber Review 2021 By Real Long-Time User

Intro to my Aweber Review

Welcome to my honest Aweber review 2021. I have been a long-time happy customer and user of Aweber autoresponder so I know them very well.

In this review I would like to tell you a bit about my experience with them, what I like and what I think they could do better. Hopefully you’ll find some useful information here to decide whether Aweber is right for you.

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Aweber’s Best Features

Aweber has really advanced their system in the past few years with a number of upgrades and added features. They’ve got all the latest email marketing features you could ask for. These are the best features in my opinion.

Excellent email deliverability

This is by far the #1 factor that I look for in an autoresponder. Getting emails into your subscribers’ inboxes is the whole point of email marketing. That is a priority over everything else. Aweber is known to have one of the highest email deliverability rates in the industry.


The Campaign feature is where you set your follow up email series. I absolutely love the interface, which makes setting up a campaign super easy. It’s all drag and drop and very intuitive. There is no complex ruling that you need to understand.

Want to send an email? Drag the email box into the campaign. Want to wait 2 days before the next email? Drag the “wait” box to your campaign. You can see all the important pieces of your campaign in one screen.

Creating campaigns is as easy as clicking and dragging

Form builder

There are 500+ form pre-designed templates you can choose from, with themes in categories from all the popular niches – business, health, fitness, blogging, real estate, consulting, etc. They’re extremely easy to customize. You can resize the width etc, by dragging it to your desired size. You can add your own custom ‘subscribe’ button image too, or use their button with your text on it.

They provide HTML code as well as Java code for your opt-in form. I prefer to use the Java code so I can make changes to the form inside Aweber and it will the changes will automatically be updated on the web page. I do not have to worry about updating the code on the webpage.

However, if you’ve connected Aweber with your page builder, you don’t need to worry about designing the form at Aweber. But you still need to create the form there and choose the fields and tags you want to use, which is very, very quick and easy.


AWeber integrates with all the popular tools for internet marketing. From landing page builders like Convertri and Clickfunnels, to payment processors like Stripe and Paypal. They will even integrate with popular shopping cart systems like shopify, thrivecart, Clickbank etc. I have mine integrated with Zaxaa and Warrior Plus.

List Cleaning

A responsive list is a clean list – which means to have valid email addresses that od not bounce. Bounce emails are bad news for us email marketers. I the Manage Subscribers section, they’ve added a couple of preset segmenting options. So in one click, you can see all the ‘undeliverable’ emails which you may want to delete.

Again in one click, you can see the “dormant’ emails (people who have not opened an email for the last 90 days) and do what you want with them. It’s easy to save that segment to run a ‘revival’ campaign or delete them if you want to.

Landing page builder

At first, I thought the Aweber landing page builder was very basic and limited in it’s functionality. But the more I played around with it, the more I like it. By no means is it a funnel builder that can compete with the likes of Convertri and such, but it’s an awesome tool if you just want a landing page quickly. It’s like an added bonus that comes with your account. It’s even available to use with a free account.

A look inside Aweber’s landing page builder.

There are currently 45 sleek modern designed landing page templates ready to use. You can create 2-step opt-in pages or the regular form on the page landing pages.

Another cool feature is that you can connect your own domain name to Aweber so you can run the pages on your domain – keeping your branding and traffic to your domain.

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Aweber Review and Demo Video

My Aweber review and demo video – New for 2021

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The Cons

Honestly, there isn’t much to complain about with Aweber. Everything works as it should. They have all the features you could ask for in an email marketing system.

If there were some things I could change with Aweber they’d be the landing page builder and form templates. The landing page uses a ‘block’ type system so there isn’t much flexibility with moving things around. It’s a little much to expect a fully-fledged page or funnel builder like ClickFunnels or Convertri inside an Autoresponder so I can let this one slide.

There is a wide variety of opt-in form templates, but you’re going to have to customize the one you choose to look how you want it. None of the ones that I’ve seen are great ‘as is’. But these days I use a landing page builder so I am not fussed about designing the form in Aweber.

Pricing- Is Aweber worth it?

Let’s take a look at the cost of Aweber. As with most email autoresponders, the more subscribers you have on your list, the more you pay. Aweber’s pricing tables looks like this (as of Sep 2021).

Pro and Free account

$16.15 per month (billed annually) or $19.99/mth (paid monthly) for up to 500 subscribers. This is a very competitive price. Get Response, it’s main competitor, charges $15\mth (billed annually) or $12.30/mth (paid monthly) for up to 1000 subscribers but these two services offer very different things to their customers.

It’s really hard to compare Aweber and Getrsesponse because the features they offer in their pro accounts vary so much. For example, GetResponse doesn’t have “marketing automation” in their cheapest plan, whereas Aweber does. So just comparing these two services on price alone is not a true comparison.

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Let’s compare the prices of the Pro Aweber account plans.

Aweber pro account pricing

You can save quite a lot of moolah going with the yearly billing option as shown in this table. You pay 19.2% less than the monthly payment option.

Check the current Aweber pricing here

Free or Pro Account? Is a Free Account Worth It

You might be considering getting a Aweber free account as opposed to paying for a Pro account.

The free account is perfect if you just want to try them out. Consider it as a free trial account, but the nice thing is that there is no time limit on the free account, so there is no pressure to hurry up and decide if you want to go pro or not.

You should understand that the free account has quite a lot of limitations though. For example, a 500 subscriber limit, 3000 limit email sends per month (as opposed to unlimited with the pro account), and you’re only going to be able to build one list (as opposed to unlimited with the pro account).

Apart from these limitations, your emails, landing pages and and opt-in forms are going to have ‘unremovable’ Aweber branding on them. Only Pro account holders have the choice to this branding.

I happily recommend both the free and the pro accounts.

It’s really up to you and your business. If you’re new to online marketing and don’t have a list yet, but want to start building one and don’t mind the limitations, then go with the free trial until you get 500 subscribers.

If you’re serious about building a list and want all the features of the Pro account, or you’re moving from another service and want to import your existing list (which they’ll do for free), then the Pro is the best option.

Aweber Review Conclusion

In my experience with Aweber, I’ve been very satisfied with the deliverability, the ease-of-use of every tool inside my account and the vast array of features they provide and keep providing. They’re perfect for a marketer who doesn’t want anything too overly-complex, but would rather a simple, clean system for building and managing their email list.

Aweber gets my two thumbs up. They tick all the boxes, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased when you join Aweber too.

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Thanks for reading my Aweber review. If you have any questions, please pop a comment down below.

Stuart Stirling

To your success,

Stuart Stirling – Email marketing expert

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