My Website Was Running Slow. Here’s How I Fixed It.

My Website Was Running Slow. Here’s How I Fixed It.

This blog is running fine now, but for the last few weeks before writing this post, it was running so slow.

I finally got sick of the WordPress White Page of Death and aimed to put an end to the slow page loads.

I went to work and I FINALLY figured out WHY it was running slow. I was surprised at what I found. Watch my video below to find out what I did to make my site run faster. It wasn’t what you think.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you have any more advice or tips to share for speeding up websites, please let the world know!

Stuart Stirling


3 thoughts on “My Website Was Running Slow. Here’s How I Fixed It.

  1. Hello Stuart!

    Very interesting solutions you have offered for the cleanup on your webserver sir! Might I also inquire if you are familiar with Gzip by Google? If so, could you please elaborate on how to modify the .htaccess file and how to successfully update this? By the way Stuart, I am a proud member of 30-Minute List and also your ViralBuilder . What GREAT programs for traffic building! Another tool by Google is also fascinating!
    Check it out!

    Thanks Stuart!

  2. Lovely, You really have a better solution
    I love that; i will need put that to practice by
    applying same method to my blog.

    Thank you, nice video man

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