Can You Really Get People To Your Site Without Spending Money Or Time On SEO?

Can You Really Get People To Your Site Without Spending Money Or Time On SEO?

This week’s question comes from Stephen:

He wants to know, “How do I get people to my sites without spending money and tons of time on seo?”

free easy fast trafficHere’s my answer below…

“Hi Stephen, Thanks for your question.

This is every marketers burning question! It’s a quest we are all on and only wish for free effortless traffic.

The answer is… it doesn’t really exist! Sorry if I burst your bubble of hope and lazy traffic and sales.

However, the closest thing to free fast, easy traffic is viral traffic. To benefit from viral traffic, you need some kind of viral system in place on your website. It can be a video or viral PDF or content locking script so other people will share it..

There are some tools that can help you make a page go viral but it really depends on the thing that you create that gets passed around. It has to have value and your people must want it, love it and think it’s good enough to share it around.

If you can’t get anything viral going, you’re gonna have to pay for traffic if you want it fast. The options there are solo ads, PPC, banner ads, media buys, etc.

There are ways to swap traffic too.. link swaps, email swaps, but first you need to get traffic to get the ball rolling, and then you’ll be able to swap it… and that comes from either buying it or spending time to generate it.

SEO is a good investment if you can afford it and can wait for rankings and traffic, but if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can outsource it. Search engine traffic is highly targeted an if you do it right, it will continue to drip into your site for months or even years.

But its like anything, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.”

That’s all for this week’s lesson.

Remember, nothing really is free. You pay for it with either your time or your money. At first, you may not have a lot of money to spend to generate traffic, but you have the time so you should do it yourself . When you start seeing income coming in, invest your profits back into your business to get more traffic and increase your profits. That’s when you’ll see your biz really moving.

Stu Sensei

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3 thoughts on “Can You Really Get People To Your Site Without Spending Money Or Time On SEO?

  1. I never ever paid for traffic on my website however, i try to get organic traffic from search engines specially from google however, it is very hard job to rank keywords nad to get traffic from search engines but in this way we can get organic traffic and business both.

  2. You are right, you need to spend some money on various tools and plugins than will help you in your SEO programme. 

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