10 Simple Steps To Affiliate Marketing Success

10 Simple Steps To Affiliate Marketing Success

Welcome! You’re here because you’re interested in doing affiliate marketing but still have questions and need answers to fill in the blanks.

Here are 10 steps to follow to achieve affiliate marketing success. These are just basic outlines of the steps. Hopefully they will fill in some of the blanks you have and get you moving forward, so you can see results with your affiliate marketing. If you have any questions about these points and would like further explanation, please leave a comment below!

The 10 Steps To Affiliate Marketing Success

affiliate marketing basic steps

Step 1. Research products you can promote and keywords that are going to be a lead-in to the product. Or if the product allows brand bidding (using the brand name in your advertising) then go for that keyword – the name of the product, or “buy product name”.

Step 2. Register a domain name related to your niche and get some hosting. Shared hosting is ok for now. Make sure it’s from a reliable company with good support.

Step 3. Install a WP site on your domain and a get a landing page plugin like Thrive architect or Elementor. You want to use a WP site to create an SEO friendly blog/review/authority niche site. Perfect. Also install an SEO plugin like All in One SEO plugin or YOAST. 

Step 4. Purchase a tracking system like Clickmagick so you can track your traffic, track conversions and sales, and use split testing. You could use Google analytics too, but CM is much more intuitive, even for a non-techy. The basic plan is fine for starters which goes for about $147/year. Totally worth it though.  You will struggle to get anywhere without a tracking system.

Step 5. Create a landing page, (either a email capture page or a pre-sell page with a button/link to your product) and direct people to it via paid ads or free YT vids that you upload and rank in YT and the SERPS for. You’ll need to get an autoresponder system, like Aweber too so you can collect and email your leads. You tie your autoresponder into your lead capture page.

Step 6. Create a free lead magnet and give it away to get email subscribers. Your gift should be a preselling tool to warm your subscribers up to buy the product you’re promoting, but it should also be full of useful content.

Step 7. Make some banner ads or get them made by a designer. You can get some made cheap on Fiverr or Upwork. They don’t have to look pretty. Actually, ugly ones with a good headline/phrase on it will work better than the pretty shiny banners. Use those banners to advertise on sites like Buysellads.com. Advertise your free lead magnet so you’re building a list.

Step 8. Using the keywords that you researched in step 1. write and post articles about “how to do XYZ” or write reviews about the products you’re promoting. Try to tie in the products into your “How to” articles too. Turn your articles and reviews into videos and upload to Youtube. Put your website links and affiliate links in the description. 

Step 9. Run PPC ads, banner ads, native ads, FB ads, Instagram ads etc. Start with ONE network at a time until you feel comfortable and competent with buying traffic. Start with a small budget too so you can take things slowly. Using Clickmagick makes running and tracking your paid traffic much, much easier.

Step 10. Do step 8 and 9 many many times! Keep adding fresh content to your site while targeting keywords that will set up your readers to buy. Keep running paid ads to your landing pages (or direct linking if you can do that with your affiliate product. For direct linking campaigns, you still need at least a link tracking system like ClickMagick.)

There are 10 simple steps you can follow to start seeing results with affiliate marketing. Again, if you have any questions, please ask them in a comment below. I will happily go into more detail in a new post on here.

Stuart Stirling

To your affiliate marketing success,

Stuart Stirling

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