Comment To Get a Free Link Back To Your Blog

Comment To Get a Free Link Back To Your Blog

Want to get a free link from my blog back to your blog, twitter profile or any page with an RSS feed?

Just leave a comment on my blog and a link to your latest post or Tweet will instantly appear.. plus it won’t cost you a penny!

This cool function works because I’ve got the Comment Luv plugin installed.

Watch the video below to see how Comment Luv works to give you a free link on my website.

So the steps are…

1. Fill in ALL the fields like you would usually (name, email, website/webpage url, your comment, etc.)

2. Check the CommentLuv box and wait for your link to appear (if the checkbox is unchecked)

3. Hit the submit comment button and get your free backlink!

The cool thing is that if you add a url with an RSS feed (i.e. your blog or your Twitter or Facebook profile), your links will automatically point to your last post.

Let me know what you think about this cool plugin or about my blog here by leaving a comment and you’ll get a free link back to your site!

(NOTE: links in comments are “nofollow” links to help prevent spam comments)

Stuart Stirling

IMPORTANT: Make sure your link is appearing before you submit your comment. You may have to un-check and check the check-box again to get it to appear.

p.s. After commenting, please share this on Twitter so your followers can see the post with your comment and start the snowball effect! More exposure for all of us that way!

86 thoughts on “Comment To Get a Free Link Back To Your Blog

    1. Yep, I can’t remember why I thought Disqus was cool. Maybe the auto comment moderating was the selling point. But lately a lot of spam was coming through. Never again though..

  1. Hey Stuart, great site.

    I have been getting info and emails from you for a while now and have got your cash kits, which have started to work in building me a list. Not having the best of luck though for all the time and effort I put in. Not going to give up though as I look at you and various other people that are succeeding and know that I will too. It is just a matter of time. Look forward to getting more valuable info from you in the future.



    1. Thanks for the comment John. Good to hear my cash kits are helping you. What do you mean “not having the best of luck”? Not enough traffic? Get some good traffic and you’ll see subscribers and sales. 🙂 Stuart

  2. The comment is for Bulgaria:
    Приятели, има хора на този свят, които знаят как да ни помогнат Stuart Striling е един от тях!

    1. Appreciate the nice comments Chris! Yes I made the cash kits to be a massive shortcut to helping people get started online with list building. They seem to be doing the job!

  3. This is a very educative and informative piece. I’ve greatly benefited from it and will always come back for an encore.

  4. I have just recently started getting info from you and I will say that so far you have provided me with the most useful information. I also just recently signed up for your Turn-Key Dash Kits and look foward to seeing how they work. Keep up the good work.

  5. i am an affiliate of your turn key cash kits. just the way you simplify the process for internet marketing inspires me and i am getting active on polishing to promote my website. 

  6. Thanks for all of the helpful information that you have given to me since I’ve been a member.  You are one of the few emails I look forward to reading.  Have a great one!

  7. Hey Stuart,

    Great tips. I use comment luv myself and enjoy leaving comments on blogs that use this plugin. It’s a good incentive for your readers to leave a comment.

    Gravatar is another great and easy to use feature that automatically places your image on comments.

    Take care,


  8.  Thanks for the information as it will greatly increase my efforts at large. I look forward to learning more from you.

  9. konnichi wa, stu sensei, o genki desu ka? domo arigato gozimashita for ur email, (as u r in nippon or nihon ). i think can tell u why sendin out emailz iz dying , coz people become immune to anything eventually even the best tv seriez or those trilogy type moviez, the funniest advertz, people juzt get pissed off with seeing them the end coz the producerz of theze genre typez can’t see the wood for the treez.
    they think they can juz carry on puttin it out, ‘ad infinitum’, u would think they would learn from the likez of faulty towerz(only ever made 6 episodez), benny hill(only ever made 6 episodez), the goodiez, (only ever made 6 episodez), etc, etc, etc. on top of that they didn’t uzually repeat them n’ if they did there was uzually 5-10 yearz between showin’z.
    disney started thiz (holding bak) yearz ago, about every 7yearz they would n’ still do release the classic’z; bambi, cinderella, jungle book n’ even with comin of age of the dvd, they still re -release these classicz every 7yearz, everyone callz them timeless classicz, it’z only coz of the clever way disney held them bak/marketed them, (for each new generation of children), that anyone seez them az timeless classicz.
    so most of the marketerz could n’ should learn from thiz, everyone knowz about it but no they can’t resist sending emailz out, every friggin day, do u know i am now getting about 2 emails every minute, n’ some individualz r sending out 2-4 a day 2 me, i’ve got 2 the stage now that i cannot even go through them, even juz 2 delete them coz it would take to long.
    so about 6 weeks ago i stopped n’ now i juz scan n read the 1st and mayb the 2nd page n’ i now have 13000 emails, can u believe that. i am probably juz gonna get another gmail account n’ put a ‘g’ instead a ‘j’ in front of it, my so called ‘friends’ have forced out of my own account.
    i like 2 show/teach people how 2 do what ever i have learned, i taught children n’ adultz karaté for about 7 yearz, i now give computer lessonz on juz bout any topic within ict, upgradin n’ repairin, i am at present postin ‘how2 fix pc 4 dmwitz’ video tutorialz on utube right now, don’t know why i didn’t do it a long time ago but i could say that about i.m. too cos i’ve been uzin the internet since 1992, b4 linus torvaulds uttered hiz now famouz ‘hello world’ 2 introduce hiz linux operatin system in ’93’. i’ve also been writin a book, like, forever called, ‘how2 fix pc’z 4 dimwitz’ but coz the operstin zyztemz keep changin i’m alwayz addin ztuph 2 it
    so i am hoping i can uze some of the more in depth videoz n’ charge 4 them az they r my own digital productz but i am finding that my web sitez can’t accept even the smallest 3 -4 minute videoz, so i am now having 2 put them on utube and write a small article about the video in question in with the video, then copying this article n’ postin it 2 my site n’ then puttin linkz in the article leading bak 2 utube, n’ all thiz takez me so long 2 do.
    do u have any ideaz whereby i can have the video on my site with the article or iz the file size limitation due 2 uzin wordpress.
    btw, love ur site n’ the way u have structured it,  i hope 2 have something similar at some point but with computer’z az the main theme.
    gomen nasai sayonara, for now.
    warm regardz
    peter ‘jakkadan’ edyvane

    my email iz: [email protected].      in ur video u show typin in ur details in2 seperate fields but i couldn’t find any fieldz on ur page so i’ll put the info here, site name is called:
    ‘how-2-fix-pc’z n’ laptopz’  n’ the web address is:   
    i also have this site but as with both sitez they haven’t earned even $1 in 1 year for the 1st site and 6month for thiz 2nd one.

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