Free Software To Speed Up Your PC

Free Software To Speed Up Your PC

I’ve recently just came across this funky new software and was so impressed, I just had to share it with you.

For one, it costs no money to download and use, it’s spyware free and there are no catches or hoops to jump through to use it.

It’s a legit piece of software.. and besides it packing a very funky interface, it actually does work to speed up your computer.


The software is called Soluto and you can download it at their website (not an affiliate link).

As the tag line says “Anti-Frustration software”.. it will remove your frustrations of wasting your precious minutes waiting for your machine to boot and your browser to load etc.

A fast PC is a big secret to getting more done.

I used to have a very low-power machine that just crept along.. it was a real struggles to get anything productive done.

I finally got fed up with waiting for my poor little PC to even open Windows Explorer so I invested in a new machine.

That was one of the best investments I ever made for my business.

As soon as I got my new PC and kept it in top shape, my productivity efficiency went through the roof. I could do everything so much faster.

Maybe you can’t get a new PC, but you can clean  your current one up with these software apps.

Before I found Soluto, I was using CCleaner. It will scrub your PC from head to toe.. (or in PC terms from browser cookies to missing DLLs)

CCleaner is also free, safe and highly recommended.

Right now, I have both installed and my PC is running super smooth and lightning fast!

Nothing is more frustrating or worse for getting things done than a slow machine that grinds to a halt and then crashes every few minutes.

Speed up your PC and watch your productivity sky-rocket.. working on your PC actually becomes more fun too!

Stu Sensei Stirling


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