Old Marketing Tricks That Still Work

Old Marketing Tricks That Still Work

The impact that the Internet has had on business and marketing is nothing short of amazing.

We can create and sell products to people all over the world and receive their payments in only a few moments, never having to worry about exchange rates or dealing with shady middlemen who skim a little bit off the top for themselves.

Internet marketers can earn enough to support their families and live their dreams without ever having to leave the comfort of their living rooms.

You would think that with this incredible new tool in our hands, a tool that literally changed the world, that marketing and customer relations would have changed with it.

Yet despite the blazing fast speeds and endless possibilities for online entrepreneurship, many of the same marketing techniques still work today just as well as they did back when the first caveman was trying to sell excess wooly mammoth meat to the cave next door.

If you are wondering why your current efforts are lacking, then maybe it’s time for you to wipe a little bit of the future out of your eyes and try out some of the tried and trued methods that have worked for centuries to create a buying frenzy!

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Run a Sale

By far, running a “sale” is the most used marketing trick ever conceived! And with good reason.

Everyone loves getting a good deal. It’s a good feeling to get a ‘bargain’.

Giving your customers the opportunity to buy your product for a price that is lower than “everyone else” is paying makes them feel special.

Also, limiting the time that the discount is available creates a sense of urgency and makes them far more likely to hit that “Buy Now!” button.

Using this technique on your customer or subscriber mailing list or offering it only to people who have followed you on social media creates a sense of community and customer loyalty that will pay off big in the long run.

People love to feel special and part of an exclusive group, so if you’re giving them a special deal that is just for them and it’s limited by time or quantity, they won’t be able to resist.

Free Stuff

If people love getting a discount, they go absolutely bonkers for something that is free.

This is the second ‘oldest trick in the book’ when it comes to marketing.

Free is the ultimate way to start of any huge marketing campaign and funnel your prospects down into your marketing and sales sequence.

It doesn’t have to be much to get people to jump on your email list or follow you on Facebook.

Just a simple, catchy five page report or a ‘secret’ that will help them get on step closer to their goals will not put you in the poor house and will make your followers feel like you truly have their best interests in mind.

Later on when you offer them something that is NOT free, they will feel a twinge of obligation and loyalty to you because of the generous gifts you gave them in the past.

And if your free offer was good, they’ll be excited to see your paid product because it must be so much better. Just make sure it is 😉

Social Proof

Social proof simply means making sure your potential customers can see how happy your existing customers are.

If Sally sees that you have 200 loyal followers on Facebook and a long page full of realistic testimonials on your sales page then she is more likely to believe that what you are offering is something worth buying.

It’s natural for humans to want to do what others are doing. And if they see that other people can get results from using Sally’s products, they naturally think they too can get the same results.

It is very very powerful. But unfortunately, some marketers abuse this and put up fake testimonials.

Never try to fake social proof!

The Internet is full of skeptics and if you are faking reviews or buying followers then sooner or later you will be exposed.


This one is about as old as ‘free’.

Upselling is when you already have a customer sold on your product or service and then offer something additional for an additional cost.

No doubt that you’ve seen your fair share of upsells if you’ve ever bought an ebook or a course online. Upsells are the internet marketers’ #1 favorite method to generate maximum cash.

The psychology behind upselling is that once a customer is ‘sold’ on one idea, it’s easier to persuade him or her to buy another idea. They are in the buying mode so it’s hard for them to say no to another great offer.

Of course, you’ll want to offer something related to the original offer. Mix this with scarcity or a time limit, (a-la “one time offers”) and you have a recipe for a huge intale of sales!


This goes along the same lines as free.. and can be just as powerful.

By adding bonuses to what you’re selling, you make the customer feel like they are getting extreme value.

Say you’re selling a “weight loss diet” course for $47 and you throw in a bonus “exercise program” that you’re selling for $47 on another website.

Does “2 for 1” ring a bell?

I’m sure you’ve seen “2 for 1” offers all around. Just about every shop in every mall in the world has put on a 2 for 2 sale.

It’s because this extra addition of free value works.

The bonuses you add can actually make the sale. But be careful, and don’t go overboard with bonuses because it can take away from the main product and actually devalue it, having the reverse effect.

The main thing is to offer the customers value. When they feel they’re getting a bargain, they simply can’t resist buying!

Stuart StirlingTo your success,

Stu Sensei Stirling

p.s. What are some of your favorite timeless marketing techniques that you have tried that have worked for you?

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