Happy 2011! What’s Your New Years Resolution?

Happy 2011! What’s Your New Years Resolution?

I can’t believe almost a whole week has passed already in the new year! I’ve had my hands full for the last few weeks – literally so time online was limited.

2010 was an insanely HUGE year for me.

I was blessed with the birth of my first son Chino in July and in December, we purchased a house in the mountains here in Japan so we can settle with our new family of 3 (but we’re nowhere near settling yet – too much to do!).

Those were the 2 biggest events of last year. There were many other significant dates I’d love to tell you about but I don’t want to take too much of your time. 2010 was amazing and will be hard to beat, for myself and family.

No matter how much was wish we could stop time and enjoy the moments, we can’t.

We’re now in 2011 and it’s time to dust off and re-focus our game plan for our business life and personal life.

I could write a whole page telling you more about me and what I’m going to do in 2011, but I think you’d be more interested in talking about you!

What are your plans to make 2011 your best year yet!?

I’d love to hear what you want to achieve so please write your goals and ambitions below in the comment section.

You can be as specific or general as you like.

If it’s a secret that you’d like to keep to yourself, that’s ok too.

Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet. If so NOW, is the time to start thinking and make some goals.

Remember too that goals can change along the way. The most important thing is to have at least some kind of vision or direction.

What ever it is, I’d love to hear about it!

To your success,

Stuart “Sensei” Stirling

p.s. Check back in a few of days to see what others have written. I’ll follow up with a brief post about a few of my goals and my direction for 2011.

10 thoughts on “Happy 2011! What’s Your New Years Resolution?

  1. Hi Stuart, Thank you very much for the E Book, that was so kind of you. Being dissabled makes me slow doing things and therefore I am struggling to get a list, but I will not give up and will get there in the end i hope.
    Once again thank you for all info you have mailed me.

    Jim Wallworth Stockport UK

    1. That’s the spirit, Jim! There’s always hope, particularly for someone like you who stays positive and is no doubt working hard. Keep up the spirit and do let me know how else I can help! Have a great day!

  2. i want to start internet marketing this year.
    in December 2010 i just made a query about it in the net. the next thing i know is that in my eagerness i had opt in in so many sites that i am unable to manage my inbox and read all the mails. the ones i read are offers that will make me a millionare as they have themselves become one. i am now overload with information and don’t know how to proceed. i even bought a program and tried it did not work. now i have become skeptical and wonder what is true and what is not.
    i would like to have a mentor who would give the real guidance. i don’t understand why all these so called millioners are still peddeling programs of others. i am confused. can you please clear some fog and guide me how to go about.
    this year i want to start my own online business and say good bye to my 9to5 job.
    can you do it?


    1. Hi Prabal, thanks for your comment.
      First off, you’ve got to get in control of your inbox. It’s good to subscribe to newsletters to learn, but if all you get are pitches for courses, then it’s ok to unsubscribe.
      Next, the fact is that MOST courses and programs work. Courses may leave out some steps, but the main idea is usually effective. It’s your job to make the system work. There is a lot of information on the web about internet marketing, so the problem isn’t a lack of that. It just requires you to stick with it until you succeed!
      All the best – Stu

  3. My goal is to keep climbing the hill until I reach the top – no one is going to do it for me; it’s all up to me. Just a little more time and effort than I’ve been able to give it for a while now – that is my plan for 2011 and beyond. Just you wait, you’ll see 😀

    Thanks for everything, Stu, and happy 2011 to you and your family!

    1. Hi Kris, thanks for your comment. I hope you downloaded the free report about my Top 5 Tips for 2011. The info in that will help you get top the top if the hill easier 🙂
      – Stu

  4. My goal this year is to really concentrate on building a list . Because I know that having a massive list is one of the ways to complete freedom . I start this year with a list size of 320 – by the end of the year – I will have a 50k+ list….no ifs or buts….a 50K+ list . Watch this space for updates .
    Go on – help me along a bit – visit http://http://budurl.com/6aut – thanks


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