People Are Awesome (Video)

People Are Awesome (Video)

Most people don’t know this about me but I’m a total extreme sports nut!

If you’re into some crazy stuff like mountain biking, skateboarding, snowboarding and just anything awesome too, you’ll get a kick out of this video like I did.

After a quick watch it’s easy to see that people are capable of extraordinary things!

But of course, to become awesome you need to practice, practice and practice(‘coz I’m sure that not many people can pull off a handstand on a rolly thingy the very first go!)

What it means is that you too are capable of accomplishing amazing things. You just have to hang in there!

Stuart Stirling

p.s. Please leave your comments below to let me know what you’re aiming for to be awesome!

10 thoughts on “People Are Awesome (Video)

  1. Thanks for the encouraging vidoe. Too often we give up on ourselves when we meet obstacles but just as the video makes it clear, we are all capable of doing awesome things if we put oursleves to work and don’t give up. Thanks again for the great reminder

  2. Hi Stuart, thanks for the link to the video, as the father of 2 boys who were into BMX I have always loved the extreme stuff as well, it was gutsy and great. Also loved the inspirational basketballer; what a guy. WE CAN DO ANYTHING, hey?

  3. What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving! Thanks so much for sharing the video full of so many challenges and they all show a lot of practice does have its personal rewards. Your baby is delightful too!

  4. Hello Stuart, Happy Thanksgiving, This is Granneanne here, and just wanted to let you know that this vedio was awsome. It is so wonderful to see all the different things that can be made possible with practice and know how. I am just pleased the way you share things, especially that beautiful baby of yours. Makes this young granne’s heart happy. I enjoy reading your emails and gaining the writing knowledge you share. I love to write and am trying to set up my website about article writing. I am slow but I really want to know what I am doing. Thanks Anna

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