Tear Jerking Inspirational Story (Video)

Tear Jerking Inspirational Story (Video)

This is an old one but it’s one of the most moving stories I’ve ever seen.

It’s about an autistic kid called Jason McElway who was the manager of his high school basketball team and finally had his wish to play with the team granted.

Jason’s job was to give out water to the players and motivate them. He never actually got to play a game until the last game of the season where his coach put him on the court for the last 4 minutes of the game.

This is what happened… (get a Kleenex ready)

Jason had a dream – to play a game of basketball with his team. He had to wait out nearly a whole season, but the time finally came where he would be able to live his dream.

This is just a simple example of the power of dreams – but a very powerful one. (did your tear ducts well up too?)

With our own lives, it doesn’t hurt to do something out of the ‘norm’ once in a while to get closer to achieving our dreams.

In fact, it’s absolutely necessary.

And of course, never stop dreaming!

To your success,
Stuart Stirling

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8 thoughts on “Tear Jerking Inspirational Story (Video)

  1. Love it, to see such achievement give you a wonderful feeling that anything is possible to those that want it.
    thank you

  2. Hey Stuart,
    On this Thanksgiving weekend I want to thank you for the video. Rudyard Kipling once wrote, “To many times we get to the corner of the street and before turning the corner we walk away, not really knowing if we would have found success or not”.

    Jason had the dream as many of us have, he didn’t walk away and neither have I. Sometimes though I need the reinforcement, the little push to know yes I am on the right path.

  3. The story here is more than you have mentioned as it also shows that you really don’t count anyone out, ever.

  4. Hey Stuart Wow thanks for sharing this dream kick starter its got me fired up again that lam not too old to dream and make those dreams reality Wow l feel like lam growing up again and thinking what l will do when lam grownup! Thanks again for sharing Stuart

  5. I will NEVER EVER fell sorry for myself in any way or ever feel like giving up again. I’m keeping this video on my desktop to remind me of this wonderful, wonderful kid and his day. Thank you for this video and also for all the help I’ve gotten from your emails and blogs.

  6. Hello again Stuart, I am sure glad you told me to get a kleenex. I cried all through this video. What a wonderful feeling this gives you and makes you realize how lucky you are to receice emails like yours. Otherwise, I would never gotten to see this. You have a nice Thanksgiving and enjoy your family. God Bless Anna

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