How To Attract & Get Affiliates Promoting More

How To Attract & Get Affiliates Promoting More

A strong team of affiliates can be responsible for driving an amazing amount of traffic and sales to your products.

If you haven’t set up an affiliate program for your products yet, I highly recommend you get started asap. The easiest solution I found is Zaxaa. They manage the payment checkout and delivery of your product seamlessly, plus let you run your own affiliate program, with instant payments if you choose.

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So once you have an affiliate program with your product, the next challenge is to recruit affiliates and motivate them to promote.

Your Offer/Product Must Convert

First and foremost, you’ve got to have a killer product and/or offer that is going to convert like gangbusters. If the product sucks and the sales copy sucks, then affiliates are not going to waste time sending traffic. These are the two MUSTS to get right if you want affiliates to promote you.

Offer a Hefty payout

What gets affiliates excited is the big dollar signs. Yeah 100% commissions is cool but 100% of a $5 sale and nothing on the back-end is hardly attractive.

Compare that to a funnel with $7, $97 & $197 products, and you pay out 50%. You’re giving affiliates quite a nice payday when the sales in the back-end go off!

Run contests

Contests gets your competitive affiliate excited to promote as it is a chance to get their name in lights. Plus they get a lot of satisfaction from beating other affiliates. Make sure to offer prizes to affiliates, such as money or actual physical prizes too. Or you could bump up commissions for the duration of the contest.

Provide Promo Tools

The more tools you have the better. Affiliates can be lazy and if you don’t have at least the basic promo tools, such as banners and email swipes, then it’s a real turn-off for affiliates. You need to make their job as easy and quick as possible.

Train Your Affiliates

When you train and provide tips and resources for your affiliates, they’ll then be able to market with much better results. You can provide training via email, pdfs, hangouts etc. If you show them how they can get results and make money, they’ll be happy to keep promoting you.

Send Them Email Swipes

Sometimes affiliates can be so lazy that they won’t even log in or go to your affiliate tools page to copy the swipe email. The way to fix that is to email them the swipe copy right to their inbox. This ,means one less step for your affiliate to take.

Reward High Performing Affiliates With A Commission Boost

Give your top performing affiliates a commission boost or gift like extra cash as a reward for their hard work. You can give them these gifts as unexpected gifts or when they reach a Milestone that you’ve made public. A surprise reward is always going to be more memorable though.

See how I run my affiliate program at – It’s still a work in progress, but you may be able to get ideas for setting up a product range and running your own affiliate program through systems like Zaxaa.

To your success,
Stuart Stirling

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