How To Get On Page One of Google In One Day!?

How To Get On Page One of Google In One Day!?

I got my Youtube video on page one of Google in less than an hour. (and a couple of days later it’s still there!)

how to get on page one of google

Cool hey? It’s quite surprising to me too! If you’ve been wondering how to get on page one of google this tutorial will really help you. 

The general method here is to record and upload a unique video to Youtube. You probably figured that part out already. 

The trick though is to find a keyword that gets searches but doesn’t have a lot of other listings on Google or Youtube for.

My video that got on page one of Google was a review video for Aweber email autoresponder. Of course, I wanted to go after the keyword “Aweber Review” but there are already dozens of videos ranked for that keyword and cracking that one will be tough, although I don’t think it’ll be impossible.

So I went for a different variation of that and chose to target the keyword “Aweber Review and Demo“.  This particular search term doesn’t get a whole lot of volume but it is a hot ‘buyer intent’ keyword. Getting and rankings with the  “[product] review” in it can be very profitable!

I made sure that I used the keyword in my video Title and Description. And within an hour of publishing it, it was ranking in the #1 spot on Google for the term “Aweber review and demo”. 

Youtube videos are known to rank high right after they’re published, but that doesn’t mean they will stay there. They might stay on page one for a day or two but the real test is if they remain long-term.

As of today, 2 days later, it’s still in the #1 spot – and I think the quality of the video is good enough that people will watch a good portion of it so Youtube should take that as a good sign and keep the video ranking high.

So to wrap up, here are the steps I took.

  1. Made a video about a review of Aweber
  2. Uploaded to Youtube
  3. Used the keyword “aweber bonus and demo” in the title and description
  4. Made a thumbnail image in and saved the image with the keyword as the file name (not sure if this has any impact on rankings)
Stuart Stirling

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