How To Do Link Exchanges To Get Free Website Traffic And Backlinks & How To Automate It

How To Do Link Exchanges To Get Free Website Traffic And Backlinks & How To Automate It

Automation is the key to running a successful online business. I’m going to tell you about Link exchanges, why it’s one of, if not THE best set and forget traffic generation methods, and how you can automate it.

Trading links with other websites is a highly effective way to generate a constant flow of quality visitors. You don’t have to spend a cent on advertising with this method. All you have to do is make contact and reach an agreement with the webmaster of the site you want to trade links with.

I’ve blogged about how I’ve been doing link trading with several with other website owners and we both benefit from the extra traffic and backlink, so I know it works.

There are some tools out there which automate the link trading process, such as LinkTradr plugin for WordPresss. You simply install this on your WP site and it creates a hands-free link exchange system.

Here is a tip when exchanging links – you want to trade with other quality sites, and relative sites to yours. Google looks at these things and when done right, both you and your link partner can benefit from the SEO, because as you know, Google and other search engines take backlinks into account to rank your site.

On the other hand, the volume of traffic will also increase from your link trades. This is a two way street because you and your link swap partner will both benefit from the referral traffic and SEO. The more sites you trade links with, the more your traffic and authority (backlinks) your site gets.

When using automated link trades tools such as LinkTradr, you can make light work of link exchanging. It makes it faster and easier so you can simply do more. Learn more about LinkTradr plugin for WordPress here.

3 thoughts on “How To Do Link Exchanges To Get Free Website Traffic And Backlinks & How To Automate It

  1. I have the plug-in set up on a pile of my other websites and will soon on this one! Only factor I’m awaiting is to create my concept gadget prepared (my concept is fairly old!) so I can add the Linktradr gadget to the sidebar.

    Incinerador de Grasa

  2. Interesting. So what’s the different between Blogroll and Linktradr? And where did you install LinkTradr on your blog?

    1. Hi Jake, WP blogroll needs manual submission by admin to add links to. With Linktradr, it automates the process, so your link partners can submit their links (and add a reciprocal link) without needing to bother you. You simply approve or decline.. and the plugin automatically checks (with a cron job) to see if your link partner still has your link up on their site.
      I have the plugin installed on a heap of my other sites and will soon on this one! Only thing I’m waiting for is to make my theme widget ready (my theme is pretty old!) so I can add the Linktradr widget to the sidebar.

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