How To Get Out Of A Slump & Joyfully Work Your Daily Tasks

How To Get Out Of A Slump & Joyfully Work Your Daily Tasks

How do you approach your daily tasks? 

Do you see the cup half empty or half full?

How you see it can drastically affect the way you feel.

Do you dread waking up? Are you swearing under your breathe at every task you have to do? Are you watching the clock, killing the time until 5 c’clock? Living for the weekend? Thinking ‘why is my life so crap?’

Or do you spring out of bed, looking to charge through the day with a smile, and making it a great day for yourself and all those around you, no matter what tasks are set out for you?

If you wake up dreading the day, then that’s exactly how it will feel. Dreadful. When that kind of toxic tone sets in, it can stick with you for weeks, months or even years. For your own sanity and well being, you’ve got to break it.

So how can you change from hating life, to having a go-getting, positive attitude, and waking up excited to tackle the day?

In my life, I go through ups and downs (everybody does) and I’ve noticed a pattern.

There are two things that can radically change my attitude on my work/life/happy balance.

  1. Having a plan vs. Not having a plan

Indecision, doubt, stagnation, confusion – these are the roadblocks and killers of productivity that come from not having a solid plan.  Every time I find myself down and out, it’s because I’m stagnant, I’m in a state of confusion. I’ve lost my direction so I’ve lost momentum. In other words, my plan has crumbled apart. Or my plan is too vague and I need to get into it in more detail and clarity.

It also goes hand in hand with having something to look forward to – an end goal. A plan is just a road map to achieve an end goal. So make sure that your end goal is something that excites you. Something you’ll be looking forward to.

When you have a worthy goal, and a solid plan  – you’ll have enthusiasm to do the work.  And you’ll know exactly what you’ve got to do (no confusion). Naturally, you’ll get momentum. Things will fall into place. Life is good!

2. Serving others vs. Serving only yourself

As humans, we often fall into the trap of only looking out for ourselves.

The golden rule of business is (especially in Japan) is that customers come first.

When we put our selves first, it can mean we take shortcuts or do just ‘the bare minimum’ to make the most amount of money by delivering the least amount of value. Of course, this takes away from the quality and consistency of your product or brand. It’s not the way to run a business long-term. Plus, deep down, you know you can and should do better.

When you put others first (in business, these would be our customers and partners, etc.) all your decisions are based on the best outcome for them. And that’s the way it should be.

You’ll feel better about what you’re doing. Your customers will feel great because they’re getting an awesome product or service. It’s a real win-win.

And ‘win-win’ is the only way to go about life and business.

Stuart Stirling

p.s. What do you do to change your mind? How do you attack the day with a positive attitude?

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