How To Get What You Want In 2014

How To Get What You Want In 2014

Happy New Year!

There are a ton of things I want to write and tell you about but I don’t have the time to write a long article for each of the topics so I’m just going to spray them all down here and hope you can make sense of it all.

Here is a list of some “random thoughts” that you may be able to take on board as you’re heading into 2014, with the one aim of basically ‘getting what you want’.

These are actually pieces of advice I’m giving to myself. Some are practical, others are psychological mindsets, but I think you’ll enjoy reading them and I’m sure some will help you.

1. Be yourself – Don’t compare to others. Compare yourself to you.

Don’t try to be better than the next guy and don’t ask ‘Why am I not as successful as that guy?’

Just try to be better than you were yesterday.

7InsightsEveryone’s story and background is different – you don’t know their full story so comparing yourself to others does nothing positive –  even when done the other way around (ie. saying or thinking “I’m better than that guy”) When you find yourself comparing to others, replace those thoughts with, “what am I working on to be a better me?” then get back to work on it!

I’ll admit that it’s hard to avoid seeing ‘other people’s success’ when it’s blasted in our face 24/7. 

It’s everywhere online. Facebook, emails, sales letters, blogs..

One of my pet peeves is seeing posts on Facebook that are big “Look at me! I’m making money!” when they put up screenshots of their commissions or some other ‘awesome’ result.

And what’s funny is that these guys are trying to say they’re in the business of “helping others succeed”. To me, posting that kind of stuff is a big “F%$# you!” and doesn’t genuinely help others. 

What I’d much rather see people, and I try to do this too, is post content that actually provides information and educates people.

Sure if you show us a method that you used and it got you ‘these awesome results’ great, share away.

When I see some clown showing off on Facebook or in emails or whatever.. and I recommend you do this too, is “Unfollow” them on Facebook, unsubscribe from their email newsletter and make a decision not to be like them.

If you want to get people’s attention and not be a douchebag about it – create and/or share valuable content. 

2. Really think about the direction you’re taking and think about ‘positioning’ yourself in your marketplace.

This will help you from wasting a lot of time screwing around and spinning your wheels.

Having a clear direction is essential.

Think about what you want. Really think and make a firm decision that ‘this is what I want’.

If you’re just umming and arring, saying “umm.. yeah I guess this would be nice to do/have” then you’ll never ever ever get what you want.

The universe/life/God whatever you believe, doesn’t work like that – it doesn’t give abundantly to “hopeful wishers”.

You’ve got to be relentless about going after what you want.

If you don’t know what you want, NOW is the best time to start thinking and deciding on it. It’s the beginning of the new year so do it now while it’s the season to do it.

3. Strive to be a leader in your industry. Room is running out for ‘mediocre’ business owners.

I truly believe and am starting to see there is “plenty of room at the top”.

It might mean you stretch the boundaries of what’s considered ‘the norm’ in your business – and you might piss off people on your way of doing it differently.

But the payoffs will be worth it.

Dare to be bold.

4. Master your craft. This goes hand in hand with being a leader. You can’t really lead when you’re not excelling in your field of work.

If you’re in design or anything to do with visual aesthetics, be on the cutting edge of design.

I’m sick of all my websites looking like they were made in 2006. So one thing I’m planning to do is update my sites to look fresh.

Speaking of websites, I’m actually massively changing my focus of my core business in the new year. Which means that I’ll be shutting down a lot of my sites. So I’ll actually only have a ‘few’ that I’ll need to update.

Mastering your craft also means learning how to use your PC, how to type properly, how to use your software better, keeping on top of new advancements and trends in the marketplace, how to ‘talk’, how to ‘sell’.. and the list goes on and on.

Stay alert and ‘in the loop’. Follow someone who always is one step ahead of the rest in your field.

5. Know your ideal customer. 

There is this guy on Facebook.. not mentioning any names.. but he is pushing an MLM and he tags dozens of people in his screen shots thinking he’ll get them ‘in’ with his hype and B.S.

The guy is a douche.

A couple of times he’s tagged me in his images so I get a notification and keep getting notifications whenever someone posts a comment.

So I’m seeing all these comments from broke, desperate people telling him they’re broke and desperate and they can’t join because they have no money.

The hilarious thing is, he’s telling them “Don’t worry! if you don’t have any money, you came to the right person…. this is the exact opportunity for you” 


To me this guys’ “ideal customers” are broke losers! Good luck to him!

Success in business is about YOU choosing your customers and clients. Not the other way around like the majority of marketers do it.

Once you know the type of customers and clients you want, (hopefully they aren’t broke) you can attract that type of person with your ad copy, your offers, sales funnels etc.

So it goes a lot deeper than just ‘choosing a niche’. You need to be choosing your customers/clients inside that niche too.

6. Surround yourself with like-minded people – or people you want to be like. 

It’s been quoted a million times.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

I love Jim Rohn. He was a man brimming with wisdom.

This video is where my ‘inspiration’ for this blog post title came from.

Spend more time online building your network online. Choose the people you want to learn from and ‘hang out’ with carefully.

There are worthwhile online forums and Facebook groups, skype groups, but within those groups, try to find people you can build a real solid relationship with. Become more than just an online ‘acquaintance’ with them.

It’s these relationships that will feed you, stretch you, boost you up when you’re lagging…. and to have a laugh with which makes working online fun.

7. Work out “What Success is for you”.

Is success for you a certain dollar figure? Or is it to live a balanced life – balanced between work, family, fun?

For me this year I’m planning to focus on the latter. For the last 7 or so years since I’ve been online, I’ve been pretty much solely focussed on the monthly figures as my way of gauging ‘my success’.

Maybe it’s because I’ve now got two kids or that I’m living comfortably without any major financial stresses  – but since the last half of 2013, my idea of ‘success’ has shifted from ‘hustling to make as much money as possible’ to ‘living a balanced life’.

Just today I found this blog post written by an online entrepreneur who has had the same shift as me. It kind of inspired me to write this post. I’m not saying you shouldn’t work your tail off to make as much money as possible, but work out what makes you happy.

For me, this year, I want to spend more time enjoying life.

Yes I’m going to work hard (actually I want to work smarter this year by delegating work and working in different areas of business that will pay me more for my time), but I’m going to do things I’ve been wishing I was doing the past few years.

Things like playing basketball with my friends, getting a fast car and hooning like a true Aussie, picking up a guitar or 2 and jamming away to some heavy rock tunes, studying the masters more and developing my talents.

This will require some ninja time management but that’s another thing I’m going to be working on this year.

Hope you got some valuable insights out of this post. And if you care to share any other points you’ll be working on this year, please write them below!

To a happy and prosperous 2014!

Stuart Stirling


4 thoughts on “How To Get What You Want In 2014

  1. Let’s break it down more and hopefully you will see the errors of your ways.

    “Playing basketball with my friends” Unless your friends are all over 6 foot or you are not including JB then you have an unfair advantage.

    “getting a fast car and hooning like a true Aussie” Depending on which meaning of ‘hooning’ you go with, you are either racing around the streets in a loutish way or, er, let’s hope it’s the first one!

    “picking up a guitar or 2 and jamming away to some heavy rock tunes” Picking up a guitar and jamming to some heavy rock tunes is OK. Picking up 2 guitars is jut showing off!

    “studying the masters more and developing my talents.” If you are talking self improvement by studying great leaders in your chosen field then that is very admirable Stu Sensei. If you are talking The Masters 2014 Golf Tournament in Augusta then you need to reconsider the amount of time spent hooning around the Basketball arena.
    Happy New Year BTW.
    No snow here yet.

  2. “Yes I’m going to work hard (actually I want to work smarter this year by delegating work and working in different areas of business that will pay me more for my time), but I’m going to do things I’ve been wishing I was doing the past few years.”

    Sounds ominous!

    1. “playing basketball with my friends, getting a fast car and hooning like a true Aussie, picking up a guitar or 2 and jamming away to some heavy rock tunes, studying the masters more and developing my talents.” doesn’t sound too ominous to me!

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