How to Remove Dead Links From Your WordPress Blog Easily

Today I was going through my comments on this very blog and noticed I had a lot of dead links. So a quick check over at told me that this site has at least 80 dead links!

I know that dead or broken links are no good for SEO purposes so it’s best to remove them. When I discovered that I had a heap of broken links on this site, I started to remove them manually. But what a drag that is huh?

Then I had the brilliant idea that there could be a plugin to do this for me.

And I was right! I did a quick search and I came across the perfect plugin called “Broken Link Checker”. It’s a free plugin and does exactly what I hoped. Instead of me spending hours or days removing all the dead links, I did it all in a couple of minutes with this plugin.

Stuart Stirling

Check out the video above to learn exactly how to use the plugin.

I recorded this video after removing the dead links but when you do a check, you can see all the dead links and decide what to do with them.

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Happy blogging!
Stuart Stirling

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