“I Want To Make Money Online!”

“I Want To Make Money Online!”

As a teacher of Internet marketing, I get emails very frequently from subscribers and blog readers with a similar theme…

“I want to make money online. Can you help me?”

My reply is always “Yes, of course I can help you!” quickly followed by a question of my own.

“How do you want to make money?”

Imagine walking into a job recruitment agency and telling them “I want to make money!”

They will probably say, “Ok, you’ll need to get a job. What kind of job do you want to find?”

So, when you come up with the idea to start an internet business or start making money online, your first step is to think about “how” your going to go about it.

Here are a few essential questions to ask yourself that will make it easier for you to get closer to your goal of making money online.

  • What business model am I going to follow? (similar to when the job search agency asks “what job are you going to look for?”)
  • What am I going to sell?
  • How am I going to sell/market it?
  • Will I make a blog? Will I build a list? Will I create  a membership site?
  • Will I be an affiliate? Or, Will I create and sell my own product/service?

After you have a good idea of what you want to sell and how you’re going to sell it, you’re ready to move on. You can go and create your business and start marketing it.

And finally, two tips.

1. Research successful business models and borrow ideas from ones that work. There’s no point in re-inventing the wheel.

The same thing goes when you’re playing with ideas of what you want to sell.

2. It might be better to ask yourself “What do people want?” or “What are people already buying?”

It’s a million times easier to sell something they already want than trying to convince them they want it but don’t know it yet. In other words, don’t make it hard for yourself by trying to create a new market for your product/service.

Thanks for reading.

In a future post, I want to talk about and compare some of the best online business models that I’ve used and seen used with success.

Stuart Stirling

p.s. Are you still trying to find a way to make money online or have you got a firm grasp on what business model you want/have? Leave your comment below.

10 thoughts on ““I Want To Make Money Online!”

  1. Hi Stuart ,if you read this or anyone who works for you does,I was reading a report of yours this morning(I am at my work on the work comp) and I was only half threw it when my co worker used my station and closed (grrrr) it was a really good report but I cannot remember where I go it from or what it was called. But its main focus wa about giving value to your customers ,and how you had 2 personalities,one who like to buy and ther who likes to sell,I would really love to finish it if you could point me to where it is. love your post and reportsby the way!

  2. Hi Stuart,

    I wish i had found your blog a year ago when I started learning about internet marketing. I am definitely going to be coming back over and over again. i am also planning to buy your guide about article marketing for newbies, because I really need to make at least $100/day. All the other internet marketing guides that I have bought mostly were a waste of money, and I am really big on taking action and making this work. thank you for providing such great content . . .

  3. Hey Stuart

    I enjoyed your post and the content you provide here, and I also just read an idiots guide to getting rich online. I will say it’s the best read I’ve had in a while.

    I’m just starting out as an affiliate marketer, and I’m learning from my own mistakes etc.

    Keep up the great work
    Thanks Brian
    .-= Brian Roberts´s last blog: Idiots Guide To Getting Rich Online-Great Read =-.

  4. Thanks for the comments so far everyone.

    Brando.. how do you like Japan? yes, a new email is a great idea.. I keep my private and business one separate.

    seo writer, whenever I get an idea for a blog post, I just write it out… only takes about 30 minutes to write and post an article here.


  5. This is the one blog which I visit from last two weeks and I really like this and it helps …

  6. I`ve trying to find a way to earn money for months since I came from Japan. I don`t have much money anymore so I`m in a panic to find the fastest way to make money online, but most of the product I bought are very frustrating.
    This time I`m planning to concentrate on one product and and one person to listen to, that`s you. I will buy this 47 turnkey and check and will check on your blog to learn more. I even made a new gmail account for this. I hope I`m doing the right thing.
    Stu Sensei, ganbatte ne!
    Yoroshiku Onegaishimas
    .-= Brando F.´s last blog: Health is Wealth =-.

  7. Great Post Stuart, Some real content for the newbie like me. I already now my business model I shall be starting with affiliate marketing.Once I have developed my marketing skills as an affiliate,, I shall be moving on to selling other peoples products as a reseller.Once I have developed the technical skills, I shall move on to creating my own products & services, and develop my direct response marketing skills I aim to have completed this 3 stage process by this time next year. This gives me 4 months to gain experience in each area.
    Anyway need to get on lots to do


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