Is A Trailing Slash Good Or Bad for SEO?

Is A Trailing Slash Good Or Bad for SEO?

This one has been on my mind for some time.

I started to think about it when it came time to set my permalink structure in WP on a new blog.

I use a custom permalink structure for all my blogs.

i.e. /%postname%

But the question was, do I add a trailing slash to the end or not?

/%postname% or /%postname%/ ?

I went on searching for an answer and nothing I found really gave me a clear yes or no answer.

I also was inspecting other blogs and looking if their URL’s were ending in a slash or not.

There was a mixed result.

So I figured.. maybe it didn’t really matter!

I chose to set my permalink structure to /%postname% (NO trailing slash) simply because it looks neater.

It doesn’t matter if you add the slash or not when you point to either type of URL in your browser. But it will end up showing the one without the slash.

The conclusion…

Choose one and stick with it. It doesn’t really matter which one!

The only thing I would be careful about is when getting backlinks, you keep the url structure the same.

Similar to a URL with www. or no www. Google and other SEs may count a URL with and without a slash as 2 different pages.

This could lead to being penalized for duplicate content.

But I have a feeling Google is smart enough to know it’s the same page if it has a slash or not… if not now, it will in the very short future.

Stu Sensei



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