What is a Reverse Squeeze Page?

What is a Reverse Squeeze Page?

I am sure that all of you are familiar with the ‘traditional squeeze page’ and how important it is to grow your subscriber list.

You are probably also familiar with giving away incentives in exchange for people signing up for your list.

But are you familiar with what is known as the “reverse” squeeze page?

In many traditional list building strategies, you tell the customer that if he will give you his email address then you will send him a free report, eBook, or let him into a trial membership of your service. This incentive has been a powerful way to build lists in years past but its luster may be fading.

Today’s customers have become jaded thanks to a lot of “special gifts” that turned out to be nothing more than the oldest PLR on the Internet, or a “secret report” that was not a secret at all.

So how then can we build trust with our customers and get them to sign up to our lists?

The answer is the Reverse Squeeze Page.

This simple technique takes the original incentivized squeeze page tactic and turns it on its head by providing the incentive BEFORE asking for the opt-in.

For instance, anyone who visits your web page would be able to download a special report without having to sign up for your list.

However in your report, near the end or any other strategic position, you ask the user to sign up to your email list.

For software products, you give them the software and then provide a sign up prompt after they have used the software for a while to ‘register’ their copy.

Doesn’t this mean that a lot of people are going to get your gift for free and never sign up for your list?

Yes it does, but you what are you really losing?

The type of people who would take your special report and then never sign up for your list are probably the type who are going to unsubscribe right after downloading your ebook or software anyway.

These are  also the same people likely to never read your emails or take action on any of  your suggestions or purchase your offers, so using this “reverse squeeze page” technique  dramatically increases the quality of your subscribers.

The ones who DO sign up for your list after already reading or using your product are extremely motivated qualified prospects.

Not only have they signed up for your list, they willingly did so after being exposed to your product. How could you beat that?

This type of list building blows traditional methods out of the water, even if the number of subscribers may be lower. Your list will be full of people truly interested in YOU and not just someone trying to score a free gift.

The concept really isn’t all that new if you think about. Back in the late 80’s when computers started popping up in everyone’s home “shareware” started appearing on computer bulletin board systems around the country.

Shareware software was a feature or time limited version of the full program that could then later be upgraded to the commercial version for a fee. Video games like DOOM and Quake and applications like PKZIP all got their start this way and became major franchises.

Stuart StirlingStu Sensei

So what do you think of the “reverse squeeze page” method? See how it is effective to build a hot prospect list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “What is a Reverse Squeeze Page?

  1. This is a tactic that I think would work real good especially with “Guaranteed Click” solo ads. These leads have been so beat to death that they just optin to anything and give a fake email address. It also almost guarantees that they will at least open the darn pdf…maybe also trying this method with a very informative video where you give away some good content up front (not a disguised sales pitch) then ask for the optin closer to the end of the video.

  2. I think this is a good idea and yes, in a world where there’s a lot of free stuff around, imagine someone actually reading a report to the point where they reach such a link……

    I personally would not have signed up for many a list, as I either would’ve thought the information wasn’t so great or may never have reached the point because I haven’t even read it at all…! Howzat for being honest?

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