Listbuilding Survey

Listbuilding Survey

Yesterday I asked a some of my subscribers to complete a survey about List building.

I wanted to gauge people’s awareness and interest in list building. It was a simple survey, just 7 questions. The results were pretty interesting.

I made a short video summarizing the survey questions and I also reveal the survey results.

Watch the Survey Results Video here if you haven’t seen it yet.

In short, here are some of the things I learned from the survey.

  • Many people are already building a list!
  • List building is popular
  • Video is the most popular way to learn
  • One-on-one calls are not as popular as I thought
  • People are still struggling with the basics

In the very near future, I want to put on a 3 or 4 week interactive workshop for a small group of 20 or so serious marketers who want to build a solid list of their own. I have been adding 50 – 100 subscribers a day for the last year and I’d love to show you how to do it too.

Please let me know your thoughts about the video, the survey results or about the list building workshop I plan to put on.

To your success,
Stu Sensei Stirling

8 thoughts on “Listbuilding Survey

    i would be interested in learning about list building.As a newbie i have been tempted to buy list building programmes, but they are all a lot of hype about nothing. usual things write articles to article sites,
    offer free gifts,jv ventures etc etc. if you have nobody
    to offer something to how you going to sell.My experience of article submissions is nobody buys there just advertises there and generates little traffic.
    plus some of these programmes are to expensive for some one who is just starting online. also until you have actually brought these list building programmes you just have to trust the sales page hype and then are offen dissapointing with the useless info. again like many others i would be interested in real down to earth information. hope this helps you more with your survey and does not sound like a sour grapes gripe, but im sure many more newbies like me feel the same

    sincere regards

  2. Same here..
    Ian and Paul stated it I would like to add my twist..

    here are a few of my roadblocks..

    maybe it will help maybe it wont..
    somewhere I read, that you have a subscriber list of 20,000.. personally I would not know how to manage such a large list. How do you e- mail everyone at one time.?

    then I see that you use Camtasia ..

    then I saw that your survey revealed video training is hot..

    I use to have a list of about 100 or so..I never knew what to do with them I kept their e-mail’s on my autoresponder for months.. I use to look at the addresses and then I’d say to can I sell something to these people..If only I knew?

    thats my first roadblock…

    I’m somewhat inept at creating a sales page, the way I captured those names I used to receive hundreds of OPT-IN leads every week for free.. I would literally transfer one e-mail at a time into my about a waste of time..
    I don’t do that any more….

    plus I don’t know how to mass e-mail, I heard you need a program like EXCEL or Free OPEN SOURCE spread sheet of some sort to manage e-mails ..I looked into that, when I did, it was very hard for me to make that work..let alone understand it in detail.
    I don’t do that any more either..However I would, if I knew an easiuer and faster method..

    personally I don’t have the time to deal with that…way too tedious for me..theres gotta be a better way..

    plus I dont know how to create a video such as yours with a program like Camtasia..

    I know I sound very futile thats because it is..
    that is my reality..

    I looked into purchasing CAMTASIA..
    I dont want to spend $300.00 plus to get it..
    I can do U-tube..but U-tube is very limited, plus I don’t know how to create a tutorial or a sales page with an auto responder opt-in box..I tried that one time and I never could get it right..!

    Since collecting those 100 e-mails or so I had to cancel my auto responder because it did not justify my expense.
    Yes I was getting opt-ins but nobody bought anything from me..

    Enough said.. these are just a few of my roadblocks..

    I could go on and on.. so you see what is easy for some is very difficult and down right frustrating for me..

    I have my own real world business and thats how I make my money..
    Every time I do a promotion in the real world I always get results..
    Here on the Internet I have not found my sweet spot, despite trying and buying everything that I have learned..

    I myself would not pay for training..that requires a recurring fee, perhaps a one time fee and only if its reasonable..
    recurring fees are out of the question… at this point in time.

    I have engaged in some one time paid training, all of which have thought me much. I understand many powerful Internet marketing concepts..

    I believe the frustration for me lies in the execution and timing of Internet affiliate programs..
    Its basically all about the HOW-TO’s..
    You gotta get good at the HOW-TO’s..practice, practice, practice…..

    My wish for you…
    If you could make a video to demonstrate one simple campaign from completion.

    Show on video how to create a sales page with an opt-in form.. where to get those opt-in forms…
    and once that video sales page is created what do you with it.?
    demonstrate one simple easy and free traffic technique.
    I know article writing is basically free, and I do that now..
    but I have not had much success with that.. but I still continue because I like to you can tell>>>>>

    Where and how to create a video without the hefty price tag. Are there any free programs that give an embedded code after the video is created..I have heard that embedded codes work the best.

    How to manage a list? whats the best and easiest program to do that with..

    I know you need an auto responder as part of managing a list.. I know there is Aweber and many others..but what really is the difference.? and what point in time during our campaign should we purchase this service..

    Are there any free autoresponders that you know of?… I have found one but its very difficult to understand let alone make it work right.. I have purchased it and I’m presently learning it, its not easy but I am making progress..
    The best thing about this free autoresponder, its recurring charges..but you have to learn it? period. I’ve done some testing and it works really good.. It will take me time to fully understand it and to implement it.

    the funny part about all of this, everybody always says this is easy?…. Really?
    Yes it is easy to read, easy to understand, its not easy to execute..

    These are some of my roadblocks.. I hope it helps you with your future trainings..

    Sure could use it..
    sorry for the long winded post, had to get it off my brain..



  3. I am with Ian Gardner:
    The MAYBE reason for me is because of the open price tag. And I also would NOT remove the MAYBE. Forcing people to answer something with yes or no will not lead to an more accurate / better answer. Instead: getting a lot of MAYBEs shows you, that you could ask a better question or open a dialog on your blog about this question 🙂

    all the best

  4. Hi Stuart, thanks for the survey and video. I would certainly be interested in working and learning from you. Just a newbie to Internet Marketing so any help you can give would be great. Cheers.
    .-= Scott Parker´s last blog: Keep Little Fingers Out =-.

  5. Hello Stuart

    Thanks for commenting the survey result. The video is fine and informative. For sure, I would like to be one of your 20 students as list building is really the key to online success.

    As traffic generation is also one of the essentials of list bilding, as well as beeing active daily, could you then also put in some of these tactics?

    .-= Martin Bigler´s last blog: 4 Essentials to Build Your List =-.

  6. Hi Stuart,

    Good poll results. I personally like to watch a video and read a pdf of what it is I’m doing. This way I get a better idea of how it needs to be done the way I want to do it (if that makes sense!)

    Thanks for some great info.

    Greatest respect


  7. Hi Stuart,

    I was one of those who completed your survey yesterday and here are my comments. I hope they are useful.

    If the others who answered MAYBE to the List Building Workshop are like me their reply probably just reflects their expectation of a huge price they can’t afford. This is usually along the lines of
    1. Sales pitch 3 miles long followed by
    2. a 30-40 minute video explaining everything 4 times with a load of waffle and “I was poor now I’m not” which lasts 15 minutes
    3. A huge price tag we can’t afford.

    A lot of us are struggling to get started earning money and need someone to give us a reasonably priced workshop. I am in a situation where I need to earn BEFORE I can spend. I’ve already spent thousands like a lot of others and have earned nothing. This is an area most marketers ignore, yet should understand.

    So if your workshop is a reasonable price, we MIGHT be able to afford it. If it’s too dear, then no chance.

    This is why people said MAYBE to the question.

    Just to finish, I think it was wise to allow a MAYBE answer. Not everything is a cut and dried Yes/No answer.

    Keep up the good work,

    Ian Gardner

  8. Hi Stuart,

    thanks for sharing your results 🙂
    nice vid!
    My interpretation on the 1-on-1 calls: not many people have done that. Most people know that they usually are really expensive. And maybe a lot of those are not sure, that it is worth the money. Another disadvantage: you cannot _show_ something on a 1-on-1 call.
    I think it was Jeff Walker during the early stages of my product launch manager training who said: you can add 1-on-1 calls as bonuses (on a limited basis: not 5000 🙂 because people do not take advantage of this kind of stuff. Probably they are to shy?!

    all the best

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