My Brand New WordPress Blog

My Brand New WordPress Blog

After blogging about my personal internet marketing career on my Blogger blog for over 3 years, I have finally pulled my finger out and built this WordPress blog.

And it’s on a much better domain name too –

My blogger blog is on the domain (A is for my middle name “Alexander”)

Anyway, I’m glad I finally have this new WordPress blog set up because Blogger just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore…it never really did.

WordPress kicks butt and I’m looking forward to what I can turn this site into.

It’s nearly 2010 so with the new year, comes a new blog and lots of new info about making money online to share with you!

Lots more improvements to come soon so check back at any time!

Best wishes,

Stuart Stirling

3 thoughts on “My Brand New WordPress Blog

  1. Yes please let us know what theme you chose and if you did it on or
    I just started a wordpress blog, but I haven’t pulled the plug on my old one until I can really get the whole wordpress thing. I know it’s supposed to be better though…

    I have one at but haven’t transferred my domains and everything over yet…

  2. What Theme are you using Stuart..??

    Or did you have it custom designed..??

    .-= Malcolm.t.mcKinnell´s last blog: ” A Penny for my Thoughts… =-.

  3. Congratulations Stuart for this excellend modeled blog. I use WordPress already for some time and it’s really the best option for blogging. Since you can host it yourself you are in total control of your content and saving a backup can be done with some short clicks. Blogger is nice but far less secure since it^s hosted with Google. And what if they decide to change the rules…? All your content could be gone.

    I will definitively get to learn from you as the layout of your new blog is really great. Could you please give some tips on WordPress Plugins you use here? I think not only me is struggling with the implementation and which ones to chose for best results.

    Thanks again Stuart, for your always useful content. I just signed up for your Blog and look forward to your next post.

    Martin Bigler
    .-= Martin Bigler ´s last blog: Keyword Advertising To Attain High Search Engine Ranking =-.

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