3 Reasons Why Every Marketer Needs A Blog

3 Reasons Why Every Marketer Needs A Blog

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If you’re trying to make money online, do you have a blog? If not, I recommend you pull your finger out and get one.

There are so many benefits and ways to make money with blogs that I could create a whole course about it (many already have).

Whether you’re promoting yourself and your own products or promoting other people’s products, you can’t go past a blog as a promotion tool.

Here are a few big benefits of having a blog and how you should use a blog to become more successful online.

1. A Blog Brands YOU. One of the biggest mistakes I see many marketers make is that they don’t brand themselves. People don’t trust a faceless website. People want to buy from a real person…someone they trust.

Blogs can be used for branding of a product too but they are great for branding YOU, a real person, because of the way blogs can be updated with articles, photos….and the way other people can interact on blogs gives them a more personal touch than a static HTML website.

2. Blogs are Quick & Easy to use. You don’t want to be making files and uploading them to your website every time you want to add some info..that takes too long! Blogs make it quick and easy to publish new content to the web. You just type and hit the publish button.

I love WordPress blogs and they are have become so advanced with all the plugins etc. but I’m amazed at how they are still so user friendly! You don’t need to be a computer geek to use a blog.

3. Blogs get Traffic! We all know that website traffic is the fuel that keeps our businesses running, and blogs are great traffic magnets! Google loves blogs and so do real people.

Blogs can be optimized for both the search engines to get free search engine traffic and for real people so they can keep coming back (and also to get them to click to other sites hint: affiliate links).]

Ok, I could go on and on but I’ll cut it there as I think these are the top 3 reasons why marketers need a blog.

If you can think of any more reasons that should be on this list, please leave them below in your comment. I’d love to hear your input.

Stuart “blogger” Stirling

9 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Every Marketer Needs A Blog

  1. Blogs makes sure that you know about the product very well and then providing to user that they could first know that it is helpful for them or not otherwise normally users dont trust they say how we can say that this is legitimate for us. so i agree with you.

  2. Hi Stuart, I have been thing about doing a word press blog for sometime now along with learning more about cpanel,but I am real non tech guy so I have BEEN PUTTING IT OFF! I must admit I knowe I should be doing more blogging but rarely do(like you I have been using ablogger blog and rarely lol. I think I will switch to WP soon. Thanks and keep up all the great posts!

  3. P.s.

    In case you’re wondering I’m talking about your video on how to keep yourself and your business organized.
    .-= Malcolm.t.mcKinnell´s last blog: “Another Penny for your Thoughts” =-.

  4. Hey Stu

    Thanks for introducing me to this concept and now I’m going to take it a step further and go and buy Frank Bruno’s
    Systemizer Software…

    I think it’s given me my next post idea..!!



  5. Hi,

    A nice blog you have, wish I could have one like it. I keep starting blogs and never finish them. The one I have finished is http://www.liveyourlifelongdream.com. Have a swatch and let me know.

    Thats a very Scottish name, are you. My wifes maiden name is Stirling.




  6. Hi Stu

    You just about said it all with this post, I only have one word to add to what you have already said, that is


  7. Love your newsletters, and that’s why I’m on this blog. It’s great information, but I really appreciate your positive, upbeat messages – especially with the state of our U.S. economy. I feel motivated to try harder and learn more this year. Thanks, Stu!

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