My Convertri Review – 8 Things That Make It Better Than Other Page Builders

My Convertri Review – 8 Things That Make It Better Than Other Page Builders

Welcome to my Convertri review page. You’ve probably been shopping around for page builders and are thinking about Convertri and considering whether it’s the right one for you.

Like most people, you’re probably thinking “There are so many funnel builders out there… what makes Convertri the best choice?” 

I use and am a fan of Convertri, so from my personal experience with this page builder, and I want to share 8 things Convertri does better than all the other page builder apps on the market, including Clickfunnels in this review.

That sounds very one-sided and biased, so I will also be sharing 2 things that it lacks. No Page builder is perfect, unfortunately, but it is the best tools I’ve ever used for making great-looking sales funnels quickly and easily.

I’ve been a happy Convertri customer since they started in 2016 – but I’m not the only one who is raving about them.

They’ve got thousands of customers. (there are 5.4K members in our Convertri Clubhouse FB group at the time of writing).. so they must be doing something right! And here they are.

8 things Convertri does better than all the others

1. They are renowned for have lightning fast page load speed. Even for long pages with several images and videos. This is extremely important for conversions and also helps with SEO. Tests have proven that Convertri pages load up to 97% faster than nonConvertri pages. In this day and age with your customers expectations for instant gratification, every millisecond counts.

Want to test this out for yourself? It’s easy to do. You can import your current pages using their page page import tool. Sign up with a free trial account and head straight to the import tool to see the difference it makes to your page load speed.

2. They allow total customization freedom of your pages. You can literally add anything anywhere to your page. They call it their ‘free form editor’. So whatever you want to move or resize, just click and drag it, resize it.. all very quickly. You’re not limited in any way. You’ll see what I mean as soon as you start playing with it!

3. It’s actually fun to use and the short learning curve makes it very non-techy friendly. Unlike using Wordpesss or or other page builders which can make you want to rip your hair out, Convertri is enjoyable to use.

You don’t need any tech HTML, programming or design skills. They have awesome-looking pre-made templates that you fill-in-the-blanks. The user interface is laid out simple and clean. Everything you need is easy to find on the one page. Again, you’ll how fun and easy it is to use as soon as you start with it.

4. The “Page Importer” tool. Already got pages online elsewhere? It would suck to have to recreate them in a new page builder, and this is where the page importer tool is a life saver. Get the URL of any of your existing web pages and get them on convertri in a matter of seconds with a few clicks. This makes it painless to make the switch over to convertri. 

5. They provide free SSL. You can host your domain with convertri (or use a custom convertri subdomain) and it comes with free ssl. Having SSL is a must these days. 

6. They’re constantly updating and improving. This was one of the big selling points for me. They’re in this for the long term – unlike some marketers who abandon their app a few weeks after they launch it. You can be assured they’ll be around and constantly improving. They send an email every Tuesday letting us know about all the new upgrade features too. Every week I look forward to seeing what’s new in Convertri. They also have excellent email and Facebook group support. Help is never far away! 

7. The built-in video player and video hosting. No need for an extra tool and hosting. And get this… you can drop in buttons onto the page based on video view length. Say you want to show your order button only after they’ve watched at least 1 minute of your video, you can do that.  

8. The pricing is roughly the same as its competitors (at $99/mth for a Pro account) but you can save about 25% with the yearly billing option, which is a nice saving.  

There are my 8 arguably good reasons why Convertri stands above the others as a truly incredible page and funnel builder tool. 

Click here to see all the features of Convertri

There are 2 things that I wish it had.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is no perfect page builder app, not even the amazing Convertri.

First, it doesn’t have a way to password protect your downloads or ‘thankyou’ pages. So if you want to create password protected areas, such as a “membership site”, you’re going to have to use a third-party system like Product Dyno, a WordPress membership plugin (like I use), or some other app.

Second, it shows you page conversion and allows A/B split testing but it’s very basic. There are no weighting options and the split test data doesn’t seem accurate. I would love it to have a more advanced, and robust system in place for this. At the moment I am using Clickmagick to get more accurate conversion tracking and split testing data – from traffic sources, with ROI data etc. I don’t know if Convertri will ever roll out a full on tracking system like Clickmagick but if it did, that’d be a clincher.

Knowing Convertri, we could be seeing these in future updates. As I said above they’re constantly rolling out updates and upgrades on a weekly basis. They also have a page where us users can add and vote for future features we want to see.

Although it is lacking a couple of features that would make it really unbeatable in the page builder app scene, the many great features it already has outweigh the few that is lacks.

Should you make the switch to Convertri?

If you’re not happy with your current page builder or are shopping around for your first one, you’ll find Convertri really does live up to its name and reputation.

They offer a free 14 day trial so you can give it a spin without any risk.

And it’s unbelievably fast to get your pages up and running. Use their ‘Page importer’ to get your current pages running on Convertri in seconds. Or build a new page with one of their templates.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Convertri review. The only way to really know whether it’s right for you is to get in the driver’s seat and take it for a test drive. Before I started using Convertri, I was dealing with slow WordPress themes and HTML code. Convertri let me make better pages faster. It totally changed my business. It just might change yours too.  

Start Your Free Trial at Convertri here.

Written by Stuart Stirling

Stuart Stirling Internet Marketer

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