Setting Up Your Online Support Desk

Setting Up Your Online Support Desk

If you’re selling digital products, or any product online, a support desk website is highly recommended.

I finally pulled my finger out and got a dedicated support desk set up this week after doing internet marketing and selling digital products for nearly 4 years without one.

Something I should have got around to about 3 and a half years ag0 😉

How NOT To Manage Support

Up until now, I was managing (receiving and sending) the majority of my customer support requests directly from my email inbox.

You can probably see the many problems with this.

eg. Lost emails that get either get mixed with spam and I accidentally delete them or emails that never get delivered full stop.

I sometimes had customers complain, telling me they had tried to contact me once or twice already without a response. Of course, this is not good for business.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for me, and should be for you too if you care about your business.

Having a dedicated support desk, and not just an email address says a lot for your credibility too. When your customers see you care enough to have a quality support system in place, they feel more secure about dealing with you online.

Easy To Outsource

Another benefit for having an online support desk is that it makes outsourcing the task so easy. This is something I will be doing very soon.

I spend way too much time sending customers new download links for digital products (any marketer who uses RAP or $7 secrets script will know what it’s like). Customer support is not a task for the entrepreneur.

Out time would be MUCH better spent on developing products, writing copy and networking with other entrepreneurs – things that take us forward in our business.

Stuart Stirling Support

Best Support Desk Option

After looking around for support desk software, I finally decided on the free, open source system, OS Ticket.

It’s simple enough for even me to use, and I could install it via my cpanel’s fantastico on my website…and it’s free. Quick, easy, free – just what I wanted.

The only complaint I have about OS Ticket is that there isn’t a Knowledge base or FAQ where customers can search for and check info before submitting a ticket. But seeing as though the majority o my support demands at the moment are for new download links, FAQ’s aren’t going to help with that much.

A Domain Name Or Not?

I set up my support desk on a new domain,

You can do this too – something like which gives a nice image and helps with your credibility. But there is always the option to create your support desk on a sub-domain or in a new directory on your existing domain. i.e.

Either way you choose, a support desk website is going to help you avoid clutter in your inbox and give your customers a better experience.

To your success,

Stu “Sensei” Stirling

6 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Online Support Desk

  1. OMG Stuart, I’m so sorry I took my frustration out on you !! Just from reading your blog I realize you are a very selfless person and you are PAYING IT FORWARD !! Thank you, Thank you for all of the information on this website. You are a Gem !! I hope it’s okay to leave my website on your blog.  Once again, I’m sorry for taking out my frustrations on you. Your blog has some great and useful information, and I have bookmarked it.
    To your success, and your little baby is adorable !!
    Take care.
    Becki DiStefano
    Wish me luck, I’ll just keep plugging away 🙂

  2. Thank you for all the information you so graciously
    give us. I have been looking for a way to look more
    professional, and this is definitely the way to go.

    I am technically challenged, so now I will do my best
    to set up the support desk.

    Again thanks,


  3. Hi Stui , awsome info as usual from you, i didnt even realise there was that free option for the support desk, im a newbie and just set up a blog on so i might look into that aswell . i know you dont really like doing video but maybe one day you could do one on how you set up the support desk ? i also have a question for you if you have time to answer ? i have installed a optin form in my blog and am unsure how to link my auto responder to it so i can start to build a list, and do you think blogger .com is ok for setting up a blog or should i forget it and get a wordpress blog ? regards claudia
    p.s. ive seen the pics of the snow in japan and think you better visit perth to catch a few rays to thaw out 🙂
    .-= claudia´s last blog: FREE SUMMER PARTY COOKBOOK. =-.

  4. 01/30/10 9:14 AM

    Hello stuart;

    Suprise this is george McDaniel and I was one of those that tried to reach you by email but they cam back. I think this was my problem because I couldn’t send emails to other people either so I pestered support until they fixed the problem for me.
    Stuart I am 76 years old and have heart and diabetes problems and I am still using a Dial Up system and can not view the latest videos.
    I am in the process of setting up a web page and will attempt to do affiliate work until I beome more familiar with this thing called Computer. If you can help along these lines it would help greatly.
    I hope you didn’t get too freted with me I really enjoy your information and look foward to using them in the future ad I have you on my special list and keep all of your reports and information. Talk soon and have a good day.

    George McDaniel
    [email protected]

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