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Simulatri. It’s a strange name isn’t it? It’s the new marketing funnel design and simulation app from Andy Fletcher and the team who brought us Convertri – the page and funnel builder, which they’ve been developing for 6+ years and which I’m a very happy user of.

As a Convertri user, I was able to get Beta access to Simulatri so I have had a little play around with it, so here is my thoughts and review on it.

What does it do exactly?

Ever tried to draw out a funnel on paper or even on a whiteboard? It can become a mess quite quickly. Because funnels are complex these days. Simulatri makes them simple again.

Simulatri review

With the app, you can click and drag the various pieces you want in your funnel and watch it come together in one neat view, right on your screen. No more messy papers floating around your desk.

Then the amazing thing is that Simulatri will simulate a customer going through your funnel so you’ll know your numbers before you go out and spend money on ads. Numbers you need to know such as ROI and CPA (cost per aquisition).

Here are a few snippets straight from the sales page of Simulatri:

Remember when funnels were simple?

You’d send traffic to an opt-in page, they sign up. You’d send an email and make a sale.

Or someone would click on the banner and go buy something from your sales page.

Oh, how things have changed…

Now you’ve got Bing (it’s a thing, OK), Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Linkedin Ads, Reddit Ads (also a thing – allegedly).

And that’s just some of the PPC going through a funnel.

Double all those things for organic traffic.

Now add your blog, website, solo ads, email campaigns.

Now add multiple upsells. Downsells. Cross sells. Bump sells. Flash Sales.

Add in Ecommerce for your POD merch. Add in your profit maximisers, webinars, and recurring memberships.

Now you’re looking at a modern funnel.

In a word. Ouch.  

But when they work, they create business growth like nothing else.

“When they work.”

And that’s the rub, right?

There’s so many moving parts.  So many things to get wrong.

It’s almost impossible to get it right first time without ploughing a small fortune in time, effort, blood, sweat, tears… and mistake after mistake until you get that funnel water-tight and working like a dream.

Or at least, that was the case.

But then we built Simulatri…  

Simulatri review

Now you can map out an entire funnel in advance.  

  • Project earnings.
  • Identify weaknesses.
  • See opportunities.
  • Move, restructure and fix problems before they arise.

Then when you’re happy you get to click a button and watch the funnel magically get built in front of your eyes.

Plus, you get to generate highly detailed, highly visual, highly accurate reports and then pitch clients on building their funnels for them.  

Who needs this new app?

First, off, it’s an ideal companion tool for existing users of Convertri.

The reason for this is that these two tools are integrated. You design your funnel inside Simulatri, and then with a click or two, the complete funnel and pages are created inside of Convertri.

Next, anyone who is serious about growing their online business. Let’s face it, a funnel is where the big money is. If you don’t have a funnel, even a simple funnel, you don’t really have a business.

When you want to create a funnel that has more than just a free opt-in page and an upsell or two, you need to be able to map it out clearly. That’s what Simulatri helps you do.

You can design the perfect funnel, test it, tweak it, and see things you would not easily see without it.

Like the sales page says: Project earnings, Identify weaknesses, See opportunities, Move, restructure and fix problems before they arise.

Finally, this is an excellent tool for consultants who build funnels for clients. Simulatri lets you save your mapped-out funnel into a PDF which you can show to your clients or prospective clients.

How much is Simulatri?

The basic licence to the app is going to be $67 at launch time. After launch, I suspect that the price will go up but I’m not sure to what price. It could even become a monthly recurring fee after the launch.

The first upsell is $67 which will unlock the Pro version which incorporates ‘scenarios’ – basically a split testing tool for your funnels so you can simulate different variants of your funnel to find the worst case (least profitable), probable case, and best case scenarios (most profitable).

The third upsell is a 12 month Pro licence to Convertri for $697. Convertri is their flagship product – the page/funnel builder that is complete drag and drop, mobile responsive, super-fast loading and everything else. Pro accounts cost $99 a month to the general public, but this special upgrade is giving you the chance to save around $400/yr.

When does it go live?

The cart opens on November 9th at 11 am Eastern time. As from right now, you can get on their waiting list and get notified as soon as the cart goes live.

My Bonus if you Grab Simulatri

I have a two-tier bonus.

If you grab Simulatri/Simulatri Pro, then I’m offering you 2 hours of funnel-design coaching. We’ll jump on Skype or Zoom and have two 1-hour sessions where we’ll lay out a killer funnel for you. I can also answer any questions you have about product launching or traffic generation.

If you grab Simulatri/Simulatri Pro and the Convertri 12 month Pro licence, then I’ll offer you 4 hours of coaching. Plus, on top of that, I’ll write sales copy for your opt-in page and one sales letter e.g. an OTO sales letter after the opt-in. I usually charge $900 for a sales letter to new clients. I stand behind Convertri and want you to start using it that much that I’m giving you my time and expertise for much less than normal.

How to claim your bonus?

Clear your cookies (very important) and pick up the items that you want at when the cart goes live. (November 9th 11 am EST). Then email me or submit a support ticket and paste in your receipt(s).

Click here to get on the waiting list for Simulatri when it goes live!

Thanks for checking out my Simulatri review and bonus. I hope you can see the power of this tool to help you build better and more profitable funnels.

Stuart Stirling

Stuart Stirling

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