Where 99% Of Online Marketers Go Wrong

Where 99% Of Online Marketers Go Wrong

I have to say that I was guilty of making this mistake, particularly when I was just starting out starting up my internet business. But I feel that many others are making it too.

The common mistake is to be solely focused on “making money”….or making a “quick buck”.

Of course, almost all of us, myself included, like money. We need money. We work for money to bring in the moolah that will let us live the life we want, or simply just pay the bills to get by every month.

However, many people’s mindsets suffer from a misconception when it comes to making money “online”.

They think for some reason, (probably all the hyped up videos and sales letters) that making money online is as easy as clicking a few buttons, writing an ad and voila – you’re a millionaire overnight!

So people go around with the mentality that they can sell anything and it will be an instant success, turning them into internet marketing rock-star millionaires like the ones they see on the websites…

Well, sadly, if you haven’t had a taste of what actually happens online, then you probably are yet to find out that all that is total garbage.

So what is the right mentality to have?

Plainly put, “making money” should not be your first objective. Of course, we want money, but seeking only money, rarely results in it coming into our hands.

What I had to re-shape in my mindset was that before thinking…“what can I do to make money?”

….I first try to think “what can I do to help people get what they want?”

When you ask the latter question, the getting money part seems to work itself out without much effort at all. It’s easy to ask a decent price for a great service or product that fulfills thewants/needs or solves a problem of your customer’s.

After all, money does NOT grow on trees. You can’t make it from thin air.

Earning income is the process of customers trusting you enough to invest in your product or service.

And if you can show them how much your doobie-whacker can really help them, that’s when the cash really starts flowing in. But by then, you’ll probably be more pleased that people are loving your product than by the dollars filling up your bank account.

This is a quote from Zig Ziglar that sums it all up:

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.” — Zig Ziglar

Remember that. Practice it…and you’ll never go wrong when it comes to succeeding in business getting anything else you want out of life.

Stuart “Sensei” Stirling

9 thoughts on “Where 99% Of Online Marketers Go Wrong

  1. I agree on that Stu, there is a such thing as overnight success, but they don’t tell you it took it took years to build it to that point. Find a hungry market, find a PLR product or create your own, put a nice affiliate program and backend on it, get it listed and find JV partners, you can easily cash in with your very 1st product, YOU just have to ACT first. Thanks Stuart 😉
    .-= Terrance Charles´s last blog: 5 Ways to Ensure Your Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Bomb… =-.

  2. Again, great advice and I’m trying hard to take it to heart. Keep up the good stuff! I appreciate it…

    The Home Decor Genie – Home Staging, Home Decorating and more!
    .-= Debbie´s last blog: Home Decor Genie New Year’s Home Decorating Tips! =-.

  3. Stu,

    Thanks for the great article!

    You are truly one of the best marketers online. Your products are AWESOME and consistently give so much value. And the price points are always right on!

    Thanks for continuing to be a great example of what the internet and internet marketing can truly provide.

    Thank you!
    Robyn Hatfield

  4. Thanks Stu. I have said that over and over in my mind and hopefully I will actually figure out how to do something special and original to help people figure out how to help themselves out soon.  If I can really figure that out then I will be able to use the method I guess to help my own self and my family out
    .-= Thomas Burke´s last blog: From The Crow’s Nest =-.

  5. Thanks Sensei,
    That’s twice one of my Sensei has reminded me of What I SHOULD be doing and NOT what I am doing.

    Domo Arrigato Sensei San.

  6. Hi Stu,

    Thanks for the realistic view of Internet Marketing and the flaws in the 99% of the I’m gonna get rich quick suspects.

    You absolutely correct, this isn’t some magic push button solution, it is however an excellent series of tools to get your service driven message out to a lot wider audience of prospective customers than has ever been available at such a low cost.

    I have a harder time than I ever thought I would getting an answer from business owners when I simply ask them

    “Who are your best customers” and

    “How is your service or solution to their problem unique and valuable to them”?

    They end up looking at me like your bud Homer !

    The Internet has clearly made some things easier and definitely a lot different, but if we fall for the line that there isn’t any work involved, and forget that we still must serve the customer in order to generate any sales and profits, we’re just kidding ourselves.

    Reality check complete, Thank you Sir.

  7. I keep stumbling across that Zig Ziglar quote just lately. It all comes down to providing value and thereby building customer loyalty, which is how to really build a sustainable business. People should always find out what the customer wants and give it to them not what you think they want.
    .-= Terence´s last blog: Clickbank Stealth Review =-.

  8. Hi Stu,

    As expected in each of your Newsletters etc I find that you over provide with excellent & useful information.
    That in turn is in an easy to understand language that enables even the dumbist of us to make progress.

    So Thanks again Stu & Keep em coming.


    Kevin Lyle

    Software House
    .-= Kev Lyle´s last blog: New WordPress Plugin REWARDS Your Visitors! =-.

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